Bali Silent Retreat - Mrs.SSSSS - Tomat Super Strong Self Sustaining Seedlings Tomatoes

Our Garden’s SSSSS’s Veggies (Super Strong Self Sustaining Seedlings)

Growing anything without commercial fertilizer is challenging, because the vegetable seeds today (even the organic ones) have grown lazy and accustom to super stimulation with super fertilizers.

We discovered veggies who (we anthropomorphize them, ‘cuz they’re our friends) survived drought, flood, neglect, etc., and keep on giving and giving and giving.

Here’s the story:

A cherry tomato plant, next to Bungalow 3, survived our Balinese rainy season and then survived dry season in terrible soil and unloved conditions. Walking by, I’d talk to her every so often with compliments to her endurance and tenacity. (We named her Mrs. Tomat.)

By the 3rd generation, I finally realized ( . . . duh . . .), eureka!!!  This is what is needed in the world; a strain of vegetables that sustain themselves ! ! !

The garden crew tossed some compost at her feet in celebration and awe. Her growth and health took off with gratefulness and gusto fattening her stalks and stems. It almost looked like she was smiling sometimes . . .hahaha.

Mrs. Tomat launched our SSSSS program where we grow and give away live baby plants – seedlings which have popped up their little heads, often with other vegetables such as eggplants and cucumbers; seemingly happy in the same neighbourhood.

The process is;

  • 1st fruit is left to drop on its own onto composted soil – 30cm deep.
  • Left to dry for a few days,
  • More compost is thrown on top.
  • There is abundant fertile soil for the plant’s roots to grow down and out.
  • The soil has abundant worms and an occasional fish head or two.
  • The rest of the fruits ripen and are harvested for our kitchen angels to prepare the culinary delights you eat every day.
  • When the strongest seeds survive to pop up as babies, we quickly pop a cover over them to protect them from marauding insect-pirates, so they can grow naturally into seedlings (or as we say elementary school)
  • We then move them to 3 different places:
    1. other soil rich ‘neighborhoods’ in the garden, with compatible veggies to play their veggie-growing-games.
    2. our Bibbit house, where they grow into teenagers and placed in experimental locations.
    3. given to friends, neighbors, or your friends in Bali if you’d like to share.

If you want to meet and see some of these Super Strong Self Sustaining Brave veggies, our office can schedule a few minutes with our garden crew.

Super Strong Self Sustaining Seedlings – Not for sale, but for Free . . . take to a friend in Bali.

Acai berry 1st harvest

Acai Berries – Eco Harvesting the ‘Old School’ Way by Sangtu

Acai Palm, ever so popular by juice bars and health drinks.

Originally from Brazil it’s acclaimed to be high in anti oxidants. Interestingly, the seed is huge compared to the fruit: about the size of a marble (10 millimetres in diameter – about .4 inch/ or just under 2cm). But the fruit is only 1 millimeter, very dark purple and not easy to come off. It also deteriorates quickly – within 24 hours. So once the big seed cluster is cut from the tree, pulling off the pulp needs to be a smooth and speedy process.

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Papaya in the garden

Tree food vs plant food

Eating well is a hot topic, hitting an obesity epidemic despite 3 decades of dietary trial and error (fat or low fat, eggs or no eggs, sugar or fake sweetener?)

It seems we are left with this bit of wisdom: ‘Just Eat Real Food’ (JERF)

So what is real food? And can I even buy real food at a real supermarket?

To understand what we need is to understand what we want to change. The current system that fuels the bodies of nearly 7 billion humans runs mostly on crude oil, natural gas, and other finite resources. The fuel for the machinery, factories, fertilizers and refrigerated trucks that fill up those miracle aisles in our local one stop shop wonders.

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Green terraces with mountains and clouds

Retreat into Balance

Retreat into Balance

‘I’m searching for balance!’ In 2016 one may casually utter this statement along with ‘I’m searching for my keys’, ‘the quickest way to get rich’ or ‘the secret behind fluffy pancakes’. Independent of meditation or yoga or other modalities, balance has become a main-stream desire. Rightly so?

Through scientific observation humans have developed the unique ability to observe balance. We can monitor the acidity of the ocean, the pollution levels in our waterways, the stress levels of our employees or the temperature of our planet, and come to the conclusion, ‘we are out of balance’. This in itself is a unique episode in the evolution of the planet, in a sense that evolution, which by default is a quest for harmony, has become a conscious choice. Read more


Changes by Sangtu

Life is changing so fast – almost as fast as our minds, eh? — Maybe not.  But if we compare everything to pre-technology era, it is all looks much faster, now. Such as The News; we can hear and see what’s happening in other parts of the world in just a few minutes.


  • Do we ever wonder if changes are happening too fast sometime ???
  • If we say no to change, will things stop changing ???

I have so many questions because my life is partly from the past (parents) and partly from every new generation. Read more

Bali Silent Retreat Mount Batukaru Rice terrace

When Ego & Silence Meet – a meditation dance

Here at Bali Silent Retreat, the silence allows us to observe our ego. When ego and silence meet, a magical opportunity presents, in a sort of meditation dance with ego and truth.

Parts of ourselves come into vision, that we may not had the opportunity of meeting before.

Similar to how our Apps operate in the background of our smart phones, so too do these parts of ourselves.

These ‘apps’ use energy subconsciously, attracting our very life experiences, manifesting physical opportunities into our world, offering an invitation to gradually meet this hidden part. Read more


what DO you want?

What Do You Want . . .  REALLY want?

Oh traveler, seeker, and explorer of questions just beyond your world view.

The answers to your questions, to all our questions are closer and quicker than an e message and with a high speed connection, (no packet or subscription necessary). And we all yearn to hear the sound of the arrival in the Inbox, to awaken to The Sound, to be blinded by The Light.

Here comes Truth riding on a surfboard on a wave of a tsunami:

What do you think You want? What do YOU really want? Read more


“Nyepi” means quiet and peaceful

“Nyepi” means quiet and peaceful Bali’s new year celebration, usually in March or sometimes April – in silence. Nyepi is a word derived from the word Sepi that means quiet or peaceful. Balinese celebrate it on a dark moon “Tilem Kesanga”, annually in March or April. The rituals and celebrations span about a week and have a sequence: Read more

Bali Silent Retreat Yoga Mudra

3 of the 10 “C”s of Conscious Living

  1. Celebrate what’s right with your world. Let’s appreciate the abundance and opportunities that are available to us. It may seem odd to start with focusing on what’s right in order to create change, but this really is the key. Simply pointing out the wrongs of the world doesn’t inspire anyone to create radical improvements. If all of us make lists of what we love about our lives and the planet we share, it could create an unprecedented ripple of positivity, powerful enough to create lasting change.

Simplistic? Perhaps.

But modern science is not far behind in proving the tremendous power of collective focus and intention. As much as the ‘issues’ in the world can come across as daunting, it’s important to stay positive and solution minded. Read more

Wayang - 6 puppets

Wayang = Shadow Puppets by Sang Tu our Balinese Cultural Liaison

Wayang or Shadow puppet performance is classic Drama Theater of the 8th century and is a significant aspect of cultural heritage from Indonesia, possibly from a man named Wayang Kulit born at that time in history, making the tradition popular in Java and Bali. There was little else for entertainment.

The Wayang puppet is made from Leather and symbolizes the creator of art which includes the imagination of gods, monsters, plants, animals and the interactions between them all.

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