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Retreat into Balance

Retreat into Balance

‘I’m searching for balance!’ In 2016 one may casually utter this statement along with ‘I’m searching for my keys’, ‘the quickest way to get rich’ or ‘the secret behind fluffy pancakes’. Independent of meditation or yoga or other modalities, balance has become a main-stream desire. Rightly so?

Through scientific observation humans have developed the unique ability to observe balance. We can monitor the acidity of the ocean, the pollution levels in our waterways, the stress levels of our employees or the temperature of our planet, and come to the conclusion, ‘we are out of balance’. This in itself is a unique episode in the evolution of the planet, in a sense that evolution, which by default is a quest for harmony, has become a conscious choice.

Humans, historically, have altered the balance of any newly discovered lands and cultures. Take the arrival of Australian aboriginals, for example, the oldest living human culture of 60.000 years ago, coinciding with the extinction of extremely large mammals, which were no match for men with weapons and organization. However the new inhabitants and their dogs (the now considered native ‘dingoes’) became a balanced part of the eco systems of Australia. Their inherent tendencies for earth care, simplicity, and no advance machinery or weapons, or chemicals ensured their survival and integration into a thriving continent.

Fast forward to the arrival of Europeans with a clear example of the destructive impact of the industrial revolution, as it has slowly and now quickly impacted our planet. For the first time in history, we are questioning our own survival and that of our children, as precious forests, earth minerals and abundant sea life, are destroyed. Humanity is faced with a huge challenge but also equipped with a huge advantage. We have the technology, intelligence and resources to observe and drastically change the direction of humans as a species.

So why aren’t we on to this?

As long as we are driven by an egotistical mindset, of ‘deserving’ to eat, drink, live, take both large and small bits, for more instant gratification, it leaves a consequence, driven by an illusion of separation. And therefore we will continue to make poor and destructive decisions. There is no separation between ‘one’ and ‘all’.

The vital ingredient in this evolutionary recipe for success is ‘inner evolution’ preceding outer action. It’s the ‘shift’ or the ‘awakening’ that so many of us are currently experiencing. Now, how do we balance our behaviours with creative outlets to align with right purpose in order to play an intentional part in the evolution of human consciousness?

Bali Silent Retreat holds loving, unconditional, and expanded conscious space for you and your quest for balance.