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Overnight booking and/or DayPass booking is required. If you have other accommodations nearby, make a “DayPass only” booking (US$35)

Please note: events may be rescheduled or cancelled due to Balinese ceremonies or 2 events on the same date.


Yoga Asana & Meditation
Meditation &
Gentle Yoga Asana
Meditation at 6:00am followed by Meditative Asana at 7:00am NOTE: during this challenging time, morning class is dedicated to prayer and meditation and love for all life, but giving respect to Mt. Agung voicing its protest to something.
Gentle Yoga Asana
& Meditation
Yoga Asana at 2:00pm followed by Yoga Nidra and/or smooth & gentle asana
Mon – Fri
10am – 12pm
Hot SpringsRelax and Socialize in the Hot Springs nearby (5 mins; transport, admission and towel included)
Sat & Sun
10am – 12pm
Batu Karu TempleA 2 hour tour at Batu Karu temple with a water cleansing,  PachehSembah blessing from the priest, and a gratefulness visit to the Dalem temple


most Sun evenings
New Earth DiscussionsThought-provoking topics that support the evolution of human consciousness, ranging from the Future of Food to Living Off the Grid
most Mon mornings
Future of Food:
Garden Tour
A tour of the Bali Silent Retreat gardens; medicines, foraged foods, unique organic sustainable techniques and Balinese perspectives.
Tues and Sat mornings 10:30amGuided Tour of the GroundsOpen to the Public:In soft tones, and big smiles, the office angels will give a brief tour of the grounds to visitors, explaining the ashram mindfulness aspect of the facilities, food, and events.
most Thur evenings
Balinese Cultural
A different topic each week! Discussions with our cultural liaison about the Balinese way of life, including farming, foods, offerings, ceremonies.
most Fri mornings
Balinese Culture:
Rice Terrace Walk
A 2-3 hour walk through the spectacular local protected UNESCO rice  terraces, stopping at some traditional village activities.
Although we’ve cancelled only 1 event in 4 years, these events are subject to weather conditions, Balinese ceremonies, and the availability of our speakers.


Mar 01 – 6:31pm
Full MoonAgnihotra – Healing Fire Ceremony
For this event only: 10% discount for accommodations in Single Room or Bungalow if 3+ nights; must include Agnihotra night. (not to be used with other discounts)
Mar 16 – Saturday 17
New MoonFri, Mar 16 – Agnihotra – Healing Fire Ceremony,6:29pm or OgohOgoh parade of giant paper mache statues,  in the village. NOTE-Sat Mar 17: Nyepi, Silent Day, begins at 6am, lasting until 6am, Sun, March 18. (all over Bali). No one can leave the site. All programs and food, on site, are as usual.
Mar 31 – 6:21pm
Full MoonAgnihotra – Healing Fire Ceremony
Apr 15 – 6:13pm
New MoonAgnihotra – Healing Fire Ceremony
Apr 30 – 6:08pm
Full MoonAgnihotra – Healing Fire Ceremony
May 14 – 6:04pm
New MoonAgnihotra – Healing Fire Ceremony
May 29 – 6:03pm
Full MoonAgnihotra – Healing Fire Ceremony
Jun 13 – 6:05pm
New MoonAgnihotra – Healing Fire Ceremony
Jun 28 – 6:08pm
Full MoonAgnihotra – Healing Fire Ceremony
Jul 12 – 6:11pm
New MoonAgnihotra – Healing Fire Ceremony
Jul 27 – 6:14pm
Full MoonAgnihotra – Healing Fire Ceremony

Daily Events

included in your DayPass

Yoga asana and meditation classes are shared in our open air octagonal tent (Bale) each morning and afternoon. Our yoga asanas are  meditative, smooth and gentle postures with a gentle awareness of the body. Trips to the hot springs and butterfly park nearby are in the late morning.

Weekly Events

included in your DayPass

Bali Silent Retreat Herbs

Balinese Culture Discussion: Lecture on various interesting cultural topics and a Rice Terrace Walk with Sang Tu, our Balinese liaison for culture and traditional herbal medicines.
Future of Food Lecture: New Earth Cooking and Garden Tour.

Monthly Events

included in your DayPass

Agnihotra – is a healing fire ceremony. We perform Agnihotra at Bali Silent Retreat at sunset every new moon and full moon.

Explore Yourself

included in your DayPass

Bali Silent Retreat Labirynth meditation walk

Explore the Water Meditation, the Labyrinth, the Crystal Circle, our Medicine Garden, Jungle Path, Star Gazing Beds, local rice field walk, our extensive library and much more.

Additional Activities

not included in your DayPass

Bali Silent Retreat - Pura Luhur Batukaru temple

Traditional Balinese Massage, Energetic Healings or a visit to Batu Karu Temple are also available by appointment.

Volunteer as Yoga Teacher

Program yoga & meditation

Our Yoga & Meditation Teacher Volunteer Program offers service and growth for both the yoga teachers and the guests.