Daily, Weekly, Monthly Programs-Classes-Events

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Overnight booking and/or DayPass booking is required. If you have other accommodations nearby, make a “DayPass only” booking (US$47).

Bali Silent Retreat Labirynth meditation walk

Explore Yourself

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Explore the Water Meditation, the Labyrinth, the Crystal Circle, our Medicine Garden, Jungle Path, Star Gazing Beds, local rice field walk, our extensive library and much more.


Daily Classes & Programs

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 Movement & Meditation classes: (Stretching or simple  postures as found in our Sanskrit texts & sketches) in our open air octagonal tent (Bale),mornings and afternoons. HotSprings bus leaves at 10am, Mon-Fri. FirePit is at 7pm.

Living Pharmacy Workshop

Weekly Events

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Weekly discussions, tours, and interactive events.


Monthly Events

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Agnihotra – is a healing fire ceremony. We perform Agnihotra at Bali Silent Retreat at sunset every new moon and full moon.