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Explore the Water Meditation, the Labyrinth, the Crystal Circle, our Medicine Garden, Jungle Path, Star Gazing Beds, local rice field walk, our extensive library and much more.

Water Meditation

Water Meditation

Meditate and feel a flow of fresh, clear water over your head and body. The water pouring over you comes from a holy spring, at the Balinese family temple. Please dress appropriately in swimwear (or clothes that can get wet!) Honour this sacred place by observing absolute silence and do not bring electronic devices into this holy space. Enjoy this beautiful way of meditating.

Bali Silent Retreat - Labyrinth

Labyrinth Walking Meditation

Walking the Labyrinth is a chance to connect within, to ask questions and receive answers. When you walk a labyrinth you meander back and forth, turning 180 degrees each time you enter a different circuit. As you shift directions your awareness also shifts from right brain to left brain, back and forth. This is one of reasons the labyrinth can induce receptive states of consciousness. A very simple and ancient practice that holds great power.

Bali Silent Retreat - Crystal Circle

Crystal Circle

Surrounding the labyrinth is the Crystal Circle. The Crystal Circle has ten big crystals and ten mini-prayers/mantras from seven spiritual / religious traditions. These are located in the two little houses with shelves on either side of the labyrinth entrance. Take your time, stopping at each crystal to whisper the prayer in gratitude.

Bali Silent Retreat - Medicine Garden

Medicine Garden

Until recently people living in rural areas of Bali did not have easy access to modern medicines. When someone was unwell gathered the necessary remedy from nature. Our Medicine Garden contains a variety of locally found remedial plants. Each plant has a sign with its name in English, Latin, Balinese and Indonesian and describes the plant and its uses. Some of the herbs that promote health circulation and general vitamin-mineral sustenance are often used in fresh green juices served at meals at Bali Silent Retreat.

Bali Silent Retreat - Jungle path

Jungle Walk

A specific path is carved and maintained through the Bali Silent Retreat jungle leading down to the river. (150 steps) This is a safe way to experience the lush tropical vegetation of true Balinese jungle. A bamboo bridge crosses a ravine with living fences. Using mindful awareness you might see Gentri Tree blue berries (those brown bumpy little seeds that mandala beads are made from), pineapples, jackfruit trees and some of the local wildlife.

Bali Silent Retreat - Crying Bench with mosquito net

Crying Bench

Being in silence for a few days is an opportunity for you to get in touch with your deepest emotions, memories and your own healing energies. Although everywhere in Bali Silent Retreat is a safe place for you to express whatever emotions are arising in you, the Cry Bench is a private riverside space that you can retreat to whenever you need to release your emotions. Emotions are after all, (e)nergy in (motion). Sometimes energy needs to be released in order to find healing.

Bali Silent Retreat Star-gazing

Star Gazing Beds

Lie down at dusk (or dawn) and watch the stars. They dance and twinkle and shoot across the sky! Five concrete platforms wait for you at various locations around the premises; near the labyrinth, medicine garden and yoga bale.

Bali Silent Retreat Ricefields overlooking Mount Batukaru

Rice Field Walk

Walk safely on a small path, recently paved for the villagers to bring their rice to the village. You’ll walk through terraced rice fields, clusters of temples, traditional villages, and the famous Balinese age-old ‘subak’ irrigation system. There is a distinct and intense spiritual vibration within the rice fields. We hope you explore this beautiful expression of nature and experience its divine essence.  You’ll never get closer than this to the real rural Bali. Take a camera! Length: 2.7 km – Approximately 30 minutes.

Bali Silent Retreat - Library


Books, books books! If you like reading you will love our extensive and varied library – with lots of comfy nooks for you to sit and read. Learn about spirituality, religion, philosophy, meditation and mindfulness. Or just kick back in one of the hammocks around the fire house with a novel! The library has been created through the generous donations of previous guests and mentors. Donations of spiritual or philosophical books are always welcome.