All-Day-Buffet, with fresh Medicine-Herb tea & snack table from our organic-gardens and forest

included in your DayPass.

Farm-To-Fork: fresh daily from our organic gardens, which are more than organic. We call them:

SSSSS (Super Strong Self Sustaining Seedlings) evolved and self propagated.

FFF (Freshly Foraged Foods), plucked from our jungle gardens.

Three daily organic vegetarian buffets:

  • Breakfast 8:30-10am.
  • Lunch 11am-3pm.
  • Dinner 4:30-6pm

All-day-grazing-table, fruits, herbal teas, cookies, cassava crisps, etc.

  • Food as meditation is an energetic awakening experience. Savour each bite in silent mindful eating, overlooking the surrounding rice fields and holy mountains. Transform your relationship with food, clean air and clean water.
  • Food is straight from the earth.
  • NO  IMPORTS: our onsite organic gardens & forests and locally sourced in Bali.
  • Famous for its unique flavour combinations and nourishing qualities.
  • Healthy & yummy, organic & sustainable.


All food is vegetarian and dairy free (animal milk)

NO animal products here, with the exception of our free range duck eggs. Plenty of egg free/vegan options. Food with eggs is labeled with an E.

GLUTEN: About 90% of our food is gluten free. Food containing gluten is marked with a G. The major exception is a daily baked, slow fermented sourdough bread, which avoids commercial yeast. All the yummy cookies on the grazing table are gluten free.

The food – OMG!!! I’ve dined in Michelin starred restaurants that were a joke compared to this culinary taste sensation, LOVED it!!!

Best food I’ve ever had . . . ever – dangerously delicious!

My pallet is inspired and my eyes have opened to what can be done in the kitchen.

I did NOT miss meat for 1 minute. Food is fantastic!

This food is the best vegetarian food I’ve ever had. Usually my body and mind crave meat after not having it for a couple of days. But now, when I’m about to leave, I only want more of this delicious food I’ve been eating.

Typical menus of our ‘living food’


  • Sorghum porridge- raisins, vanilla, mint
  • Homegrown banana pancakes
  • Fruit & nut bread
  • Poached egg or omelette* with aoli sauce
  • Grilled vine tomatoes
  • Fresh from the oven, sourdough bread
  • Fresh picked fruits
  • Homemade granola
  • Sauteed greens in coconut milk 
  • Fresh green juice or almond milk    *Duck Eggs; ducks raised by us.

Lunch Salad Buffet

A light midday feast to nourish your body. Super fresh, chopped, un-dressed salad ingredients, micro-greens, mini breads, and cookies, crisps, fruits from the grazing table. for a customized salad.

Bali Silent Retreat - Garden to table food at the lodge

Dinner Buffet

  • Veggie garden minestrone
  • Moroccan tomato and pumpkin swirls
  • Local long beans & potato salad
  • JackFruit wraps or sandwiches or barbque
  • Homemade moringa noodles with spinach and coconut sauce
  • Eggplant chips with babaganoush dip
  • Nasi Kuning. Yellow turmeric and lime infused heritage rice
  • Young Papaya salad with kaffir lime dressing
  • Beetroot and turmeric sorbet

ALL DAY – Tea, Snacks & Drinking Water

  • Fresh mint, lemon balm and tarragon infusions.
  • Fresh fruits.
  • Turmeric or tamarind shots with a touch of palm honey.
  • Medicinal leaf&root teas;  soursop, lemon grass, ginger.
  • Fresh baked cookies, with cashews, coconut, cacao.
  • Fresh cassava and taro crisps + + .

deep well water (60meters) – charcoal filtered & UV treated.

Depending on what’s fresh in the garden, the talented kitchen crew performs their culinary magical version of ‘Be Here Now’, foraging for the freshest and tastiest delights of the day’s harvest. Since we prepare everything from scratch, we meet most special needs, including gluten free & dairy free and vegan.  Foraged Foods from our jungle gardens and Super Strong Self Sustaining Veggies, evolve to be strong  with very little help from humans.