Bali Silent Retreat Bali island map

Location & Transport

IMPORTANT: for Google Maps, if driving a car or motorbike, route yourself to 1.Tabanan General Hospital  2.Espa HotSprings 3.Bali Silent Retreat 

Bali Silent Retreat is located 1 hour Northwest of Ubud and 2 hours North of Denpasar airport by car. The airport is in Denpasar (airport code DPS), the Ngurah Rai airport.

Note: You must arrive at the retreat, at the latest, by 4pm and have check-in completed by 5pm. Office closes at 5:30pm. If you request transportation, you’ll receive an email approx. 24 hours after your booking confirmation, from our Transport Coordinator, Baby Ketut.

Note: If you do Not receive an email confirmation look in your Spam/Junk folder.

(Or WhatsApp us.  Link on the Home Pg)

All transport fees are reduced at this time.

TRANSPORT COORDINATOR:  Baby Ketut: If you want to contact him directly his details are: +6285237347608 and

DAYPASS ONLY: You will need to book a DayPass to enter for the Day — with an orientation tour.

  • If you want to just walk around and check it out, for a future booking, send an email to, asking for a tour;  the staff will prepare for your arrival and organize a tour for you.
  •  “drop ins” aren’t practical, as our guests are in silent sanctuary, as well as, the  kitchen harvests our organic veggies and prepares for a specific number of guests.
  • Public tours are on Tuesday and Saturday at 10am.