Bali Silent Retreat Bali island map

Location & Transport

IMPORTANT: for Google Maps, if driving from Canggu, Kuta, Ubud, it’s best to route yourself to 1.Tabanan General Hospital  2.Espa HotSprings 3.Bali Silent Retreat.

From Amed or Pemuteran, route yourself to Espa HotSprings and then to Bali Silent Retreat. 

Why? Google wants to take you through the back roads (which are sometimes dangerous or washed out, but google doesn’t know that.) We want you to arrive safely.

Bali Silent Retreat is located 1 hour Northwest of Ubud and 2 hours North of Denpasar airport by car. The airport is in Denpasar (airport code DPS), the Ngurah Rai airport.


IMPORTANT: If you want to arrive in Bali and arrive at the retreat the same day,  book your airline ticket to arrive Denpasar, Bali,  no later than 12pm.

Why?   Sometimes there are delays due to:

  1. long lines at immigration
  2. increased traffic which recently has doubled the travel time (normally 2 hrs; currently – sometimes 4 hrs.
  3. Our office closes at 5:30; check in and orientation takes 1 hour

If arrival before 12pm is not possible, we will try to make other arrangements for you that is compatible with everyone.

Note: You must arrive at the retreat, at the latest, by 4pm and have check-in completed by 5pm. Office closes at 5:30pm. If you request transportation, you’ll receive an email approx. 24 hours after your booking confirmation, from our Transport Coordinator, Baby Ketut.

Note: If you do Not receive an email confirmation look in your Spam/Junk folder.

(Or WhatsApp us.  Link on the Home Pg)

All transport fees are reduced at this time.

TRANSPORT COORDINATOR:  Baby Ketut: If you want to contact him directly his details are: +6285237347608 and

DAYPASS ONLY: You will need to book a DayPass to enter for the Day — with an orientation tour.

  • If you want to just walk around and check it out, for a future booking, send an email to, asking for a tour;  the staff will prepare for your arrival and organize a tour for you.
  •  “drop ins” aren’t practical, as our guests are in silent sanctuary, as well as, the  kitchen harvests our organic veggies and prepares for a specific number of guests.
  • Public tours are on Tuesday and Saturday at 10am.