Changes by Sangtu

Life is changing so fast – almost as fast as our minds, eh? — Maybe not.  But if we compare everything to pre-technology era, it is all looks much faster, now. Such as The News; we can hear and see what’s happening in other parts of the world in just a few minutes.


  • Do we ever wonder if changes are happening too fast sometime ???
  • If we say no to change, will things stop changing ???

I have so many questions because my life is partly from the past (parents) and partly from every new generation.

The danger with new technology is that it’s too fast; dangerously fast; such that everyone wants everything , now, right way, fast.  We don’t consider about right or wrong,  healthy or unhealthy, or impact for long term; but only if how fast it can be done.

More Questions:

  • Have we are forgotten ourselves?
  • Have we lost ourselves?
  • Can we remember that as human beings, we have body, mind AND soul?
  • Or do we use our mind and body but forget our soul?
  • Should we remember to ask our soul how to make things to last for ‘long term’, so the next generations can see and feel what we see now?
  • If we retreat into ‘old school’ ways will we slow down enough to remember ourselves?

If we forget our soul, then our body and mind are nothing. We hear many excuses and responses to pollution as, “It’s just a small thing. It’s not the end the world.”

More & More Questions:

  • So what happens when 7.5 billion people (that’s a lot of people) on this planet doing small polluting things ?
  • What action and reaction does that is mean for us right now AND the future????
  • Can we just pollute the water with small things of chemicals and garbage?
  • Can we just pollute the soil with small things of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides?
  • Can we just pollute the air with small things of toxic gases?
  • Can we continue to say it is not the end of the world; not important?