When Ego & Silence Meet – a meditation dance

Here at Bali Silent Retreat, the silence allows us to observe our ego. When ego and silence meet, a magical opportunity presents, in a sort of meditation dance with ego and truth.

Parts of ourselves come into vision, that we may not had the opportunity of meeting before.

Similar to how our Apps operate in the background of our smart phones, so too do these parts of ourselves.

These ‘apps’ use energy subconsciously, attracting our very life experiences, manifesting physical opportunities into our world, offering an invitation to gradually meet this hidden part.

This is the personal development path; beginning to know ourselves more deeply. To observe stories, to pave the way for THE truth, the truth of who you really are.

As the hidden subconscious surfaces during silence and meditation, the opportunity  arises to witness who has really been running the show. And it’s often the ‘monkey mind’ creator – if you will.

It may not be pretty, but these separated elements of the psyche, were created during developmental stages of life; Infant, Toddler, Adolescent, Teenage, Young Adulthood phases. They’re pivotal moments that bonded themselves in the cellular memory. They could also be deeper, older patterns;  Past Life, Generational Contracts, In Utereo… Who’s to say?

But right now you are here. You are brave. You are Courageous.

You are meeting YOU; who you are manifested and manifesting in the world.

All humans are seekers, each seeking our personal truth.  From truth, we can make conscious choices; choices in life, choices aligned to our greater good.  Our highest good.

There is infinite wisdom in witnessing our mystical mysterious subconscious. We deeply know this, even if our mind does not.

Thank you courageous one, for walking this Path Unknown.

Our friend Tawna Brown wrote on her experience in slowing down in Bali Silent Retreat. READ MORE at www.tawnabrown.com