what DO you want?

What Do You Want . . .  REALLY want?

Oh traveler, seeker, and explorer of questions just beyond your world view.

The answers to your questions, to all our questions are closer and quicker than an e message and with a high speed connection, (no packet or subscription necessary). And we all yearn to hear the sound of the arrival in the Inbox, to awaken to The Sound, to be blinded by The Light.

Here comes Truth riding on a surfboard on a wave of a tsunami:

What do you think You want? What do YOU really want?

We can and do and will bounce about like the ball in one of those old ‘pin-ball’ machines; ping, bong, gong.

We go to workshops and classes and teachers and yoga and meditation and books and poems and hikes and friends and relationships, longing & yearning for something we know but can’t quite touch.

It’s all valid; it’s all good; it’s all part of our journey.

Journey to ???

Journey to hearing the Inner Voice; the life force within; bliss that never ends.

It is the:

  • Truth of our Being.
  • Divine Source within us as we are.

There’s an old story about a fellow who lost his keys in his house, but went outside to look for them because he found it easier to see with what he considered adequate light.

So, my dear traveler who touches toes with this divinely infused ashram, here at Bali Silent Retreat,  if you are in search of Truth, know you have found it, within your own house. Listen to that Inner Voice.

Kabir from India wrote this in the 1400s,

“I felt the need for a great pilgrimage,
So I sat still for three days . . .
and God came
To me.”