Call us lazy, but sometimes we like to see the customers do it themselves. Mind you, creating your own lunch and dinner can be lots of fun!

Take our Caesar salad. A healthy, delicious twist on the comforting classic.

  • We present to you a small vase of freshly picked organic romaine lettuce.
  • A jar of oven roasted garlic sourdough croutons.
  • Then there’s bacon bits. Well, sort of. Our bacon comes from coconut meat. I marinate it in a secret potion, and smoke the coconut chips over green tea. I use a bit of magic at times. The result is smoky, sweet, salty goodness suitable for the most discerning veg foodies! Toss all these together in a bowl and drizzle lashings of creamy dressing over the top, enriched with coconut yoghurt and slow roasted garlic.

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Take a twist - Four Continents, Four Heart Beats, One Intention

Take a Twist

Four Continents, Four Heart Beats, One Intention.

Bali Silent Retreat - View from dorm

A Few Recent Comments

Most of the comments on the evaluation form are equally as complimentary as these and I am so very very grateful Bali Silent Retreat is feeding the needs of the guests who visit.  — Patricia, Founder.

“Easily 3 of the most tranquil and serene days of my life!! I’ll be back!”
— Elizabeth, No California

“The MOST AMAZING garlic onion hummus I’ve ever tasted AND slathered upon some of the most yummy and hearty rustic sourdough bread, warm from the oven.”
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Jen yoga

Jen, our Yoga Teacher in Residence

Although yoga teachers frequent our Seva Program, Jen is our permanent Yoga Teacher on Staff. She is amazing! Go Jen!



Buster just arrived to bless us with his good nature and friendly wag. He might greet you with hopes for an ear scratch.

Labrynth Francesca

Making a wish in the labyrinth

An Italian guest makes her wish as she meanders the Labyrinth Meditation Walk.

Pradnya and 2 boys yoga

Yoga with 3 Balinese

How blessed we are to be guests on their island, with the performance of their culture and abundance of their generosity.

All-Day-Grazing Table

All-Day-Grazing Table

All-Day-Grazing Table. . . yummy and healthy. A typical sampling:

  • Garden  Couscous w grated cauliflower and beetroot with apple, raisins, and mint.
  • Chinese cabbage w herb garden dressing.
  • Veggie garden crudités w pesto dip
  • Herb roasted croutons
  • Garden veggie Kiamichi
  • Garden Smoothie: aloe vera,  banana, coconut, turmeric, lemon balm and apple
  • Fresh breads and sticks baked today with herb butter and fresh jams.
  • 10Am bread from the oven featured today-Walnut Bread

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Bali Silent Retreat pradnya

It looks like we’re open!

  • People are finding us and booking reservations to check it out for 1 night or like Angela who booked for 20 days to finish her thesis.
  • Everyone seems to love it, love the food, love the silence, and are ever so patient as we work out the details of operation processes.
  • I’ve noticed the calm reverence all the guests have for their silence.
  • What seems to be shouting loud and clear is the respect and appreciation for their individual space . . . no one is going to be asking them, “Hi! Where are you from?”