A Few Recent Comments

Most of the comments on the evaluation form are equally as complimentary as these and I am so very very grateful Bali Silent Retreat is feeding the needs of the guests who visit.  — Patricia, Founder.

“Easily 3 of the most tranquil and serene days of my life!! I’ll be back!”
— Elizabeth, No California

“The MOST AMAZING garlic onion hummus I’ve ever tasted AND slathered upon some of the most yummy and hearty rustic sourdough bread, warm from the oven.”
— Day Guest, Jaclin, Australia and Bali

“I found a stillness inside me on my final morning . . . thank you. I was afraid I’d never find it again.”
— Jen, Australia

“My favorite part? How can there be a favorite; everything was so amazing; from showering every morning in nature, to the best vegetarian food I’ve ever had. Overall, it was one of the best things I have ever done in my life!”
— Kirsteen, U.K.

View From the Shower