WANTED: Heart with nice backyard and ocean views by Jeremy Canaut

For the last five years, “my place” hasn’t stayed the same for more than five months.

That’s why I called earth my home sweet home and myself, “citizen” of the world.

I left my country, my place, in France, including its delicious cheeses, wines, baguettes and an easy life of being a volleyball player and personal trainer, to seek for something a bit more challenging, a complete life change. After spending two years in Australia, working through a large spectrum of jobs, I found that although Australia is definitely a delightful place to live, it didn’t quite feel right. Read more

path from the lodge

Your personalized Yoga and Meditation Retreat

Design Your Own Retreat — yoga, meditation, the ‘art of nothing’
— comments and photos by grateful guests

Bali Silent Retreat is a Meditation and Yoga Retreat Community in Bali that has no start or finish date, where each day you can join the full program, make your own program, or simply rest and do nothing.

Samantha from the UK recently checked out of Bali Silent Retreat and wrote this on her evaluation:

“I spent 8 nights at this magical, nurturing, beautiful retreat. Days filled with the most amazing vegetarian food I’ve ever tasted, yoga, meditation, reading, writing, exploring the local village and the rice fields. Nights spent sitting under the moonlight looking up at the brightest stars, listening to the chatter of the animals, whilst watching the fire flies dance. There is no pressure to do anything. You do here as you please. If you want to sleep, eat, do nothing or even talk, you can. I’d go back there in a heartbeat.” — Sam Read more

Yoga Warrior

Hello Yoga: Styles & Traditions for who, what, when, where?

By our yoga practitioners and mentors

Yoga styles and traditions hold ancient philosophies and energies. Different strokes for different folks, now that yoga is practiced and embraced around the world.

What’s your flavor of choice? Read more

Buffalo harvest

Bali as a child farmer by Sangtu

I remember Bali as a child farmer and I smile.

I saw this farmer last week-it pulled my memory back to the Bali of my youth, 30 years ago in the 70s & 80s where we would all see farmers everywhere in the countryside tilling the land after harvest with their helper, the precious cow or buffalo. I remember following my dad and our cow as a boy, collecting abundant eels and snails.

Leading and riding the cow when ‘Melasah’ (cultivation) was lots of fun even though my butt would be sore at the end of the day. We would buy a baby cow and when it was one and a half years old, my uncle or father would teach the cow how to help cultivate the soil. In that time, the cost was almost free because farmers and families would partner and share and every one would help feed the cows, who helped cultivate. We would bring ‘nasi bungkus’ (rice meal ‘take-away’) to the farmer with cooked eels and snails we caught while he tilled the soil. Each farmer in that time was very important. Read more


Vulnerability and a willingness to feel

January’s classes with various teachers at Bali Silent Retreat revolved around the vibration of vulnerability and the amazing softness and power it offers all of us. Teachers, guests and volunteers were submersed and awakened to vulnerability and the strength it offers.

In vulnerability there is a delightful willingness to feel, as well as experience emotions and thoughts, to allow Essential Self to be heard, allowing Truth to mellow and melt its way into our cellular memory. Read more

Healthy Cookies

Cookies for health

Cookies for health – are you serious?

What’s worse for your health? Eating a sweet, sugary cookie, or having guilty thoughts whilst eating a sweet, sugary cookie? Read more

Posty note

Living Food makes a difference: Garden-to-Table cuisine

Here’s a posty note left by a guest and our perspective on why Garden-to-Table is cuisine is tops! Read more

Bali Silent Retreat Octagon Tend/Bale

Yoga as Meditation or Meditation as Yoga?

MEDITATION : This ancient method of physical to spiritual movement is now a globally popular technique for everyone, everywhere, all the time.

Thanks to the internet, pretty much anyone on the planet – teachers, practitioners, and seekers can easily obtain understanding and develop a yoga and meditation practice which tends to the health and wholeness of our spiritual self. We no longer need to travel by ship for months and archive ancient understandings with decades of research. It’s all easily available and perhaps we are living in the true age of enlightenment due to the ease with which spiritual awareness can be accessed. Read more

Fern tip

Intention of Intention – In and Out of Retreat

All of us at Bali Silent Retreat – guests, volunteers and staff – have been working with the power of intention over the last few weeks; setting intention leading up to the New Year for a direction and focus for the next 12 months.

Every yoga or meditation class opens with an intention allowing the group to align to that focus, lifting the vibration, and supporting each member of the group to deepen their personal experience within the safety of the group field. Read more

Octagon tent

Meditation muda mudahan (Balinese for ‘hopefully’) – thanks to Harvard.

Harvard Medical is studying the benefits of meditation? Get on board, Harvard!!! Yippeee!!! Meditation has so-called mind-body techniques that can switch on and off links to stress and immune function, including metabolism, insulin secretion, and inflammatory pathways. Read more