Your personalized Yoga and Meditation Retreat

Design Your Own Retreat — yoga, meditation, the ‘art of nothing’
— comments and photos by grateful guests

Bali Silent Retreat is a Meditation and Yoga Retreat Community in Bali that has no start or finish date, where each day you can join the full program, make your own program, or simply rest and do nothing.

Samantha from the UK recently checked out of Bali Silent Retreat and wrote this on her evaluation:

“I spent 8 nights at this magical, nurturing, beautiful retreat. Days filled with the most amazing vegetarian food I’ve ever tasted, yoga, meditation, reading, writing, exploring the local village and the rice fields. Nights spent sitting under the moonlight looking up at the brightest stars, listening to the chatter of the animals, whilst watching the fire flies dance. There is no pressure to do anything. You do here as you please. If you want to sleep, eat, do nothing or even talk, you can. I’d go back there in a heartbeat.” — Sam

Melanie from the US sent her photos a few months ago: “I stayed at your retreat last year and it was an amazing experience. Thank you for having a place that is affordable and authentic. I’m a professional photographer. I would like to donate some of the pictures I took for you to use on your website.” — Melanie

If you are looking for a Yoga and Mediation retreat that is flexible, surrounded by nature in a Green-to-the-extreme-Eco-community, serenaded by the deep stillness of silence that is also teaming with delicious organic, fresh from the garden, vegetarian organic food then Bali Silent Retreat might be you.

We have done all of the planning for you so you can stay for as long as you want in our up-scale ashram style (100% cotton robes, sheets, warm blankets, etc). Many of our guests extend their stay until they have reached the perfect level of stillness within.

You are free to do as much or as little as you like within our flexible program. We have daily meditation and yoga classes morning and afternoon. You are free to drop in when you like or simply enjoy the afternoon in the garden or the library.

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