WANTED: Heart with nice backyard and ocean views by Jeremy Canaut

For the last five years, “my place” hasn’t stayed the same for more than five months.

That’s why I called earth my home sweet home and myself, “citizen” of the world.

I left my country, my place, in France, including its delicious cheeses, wines, baguettes and an easy life of being a volleyball player and personal trainer, to seek for something a bit more challenging, a complete life change. After spending two years in Australia, working through a large spectrum of jobs, I found that although Australia is definitely a delightful place to live, it didn’t quite feel right.

So I ended where I began in Asia; beginning and ending in Bali -the Island of Gods, called ‘surgaketawa’ (smile’s paradise) in Indonesian. I finally found a place to call home, at a magical place called “Bali Silent Retreat” up near the mountain, Batu Karu, with clean air clean water and clean food. Living ashram style, meditating daily, and teaching yoga, gave me the opportunity to step up into my life’s practice on many levels. This green eco-community also embraced a spiritual energy that provided me with a peaceful healing space, surrounded by incredible cosmopolitan people who have become and will remain my Bali-family forever.

This magical place, where everything is oriented to find self healing and purification, creates independent space for each person to build their personal connection with their higher self. THIS experience & time on my journey has taught me how ‘no matter where’s I’m staying, short or long term, the only place I need to be in tune with, is my heart’.

Jeremy was a blessing to Bali Silent Retreat in so many many ways! He’s an awakened human being, generous of heart and a fantastic yoga teacher. He embraced our community and the Seva Volunteer Program with generosity and very gifted talents. Thank you for being you, Jeremy.

Blessings on your path and we hope to feel your joyful energy again soon.

— In Gratitude, Patricia, Founder Bali Silent Retreat