Pure Joy and Magic

The energy and spirit of this place is PURE JOY AND MAGIC! -the beautiful Balinese staff and the volunteers, who all work to keep everything positive and enjoyable.

I will remember everything here – always. This is where I finally woke up to rediscover myself; to be aware of and present with my feelings and my life. The teachers and the energy here has guided and encouraged me to be present and accept myself and give myself permission.

The clean air here soothed me to breathe. This jungle and the mountain have moved me as I see them. I am grateful for all that has been done to make this space possible and all of the details giving it a beautiful touch:

  • It’s the 360 degree view while eating delicious fresh garden food.
  • It’s the solar charged reading lights and the umbrella hooks and the gentle little mats and cushions in the Bale.
  • It’s the Bale! It’s the fresh herbs used for tea to be savored and the dish cubbies.
  • It’s the nourishing reflective and meditative walks through the rice paddies and jungle, the frogs and butterflies, dragon flies and light-bugs.
  • It’s the library with amazing books feeding my introspective mind. The solitude and nature sounds. It’s the energy. It’s the feeling.

I look forward to returning and basking in the joy that is Bali Silent Retreat.

Sarah, Australia