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Eye closed meditating

Yoga, Meditation & Spiritual Insights

With the intent of Oneness, we share and respect all awakened perspectives and spiritual traditions. The veil is very thin between the spiritual and the physical, here in Bali. Every guest receives a book and pen. On the outside of the book is written, “For the Ancient Art of Pen Writing”. Often, people experience a spiritual awakening here at Bali Silent Retreat and many say the energy is like heaven on earth. Some of their insights are worthy of sharing here.

Solar panels

Green, Clean & Alternative

These articles range from brief delights in nature and silly green inventions to bold experiments to sharing our off-the-grid experience to the ranting of environmental maniacs. We have lots to share from worm juice to a hi-tech set of solar electricity systems and every form of catching the sun we can think of: solar water distilling, solar herb dehydrating, solar lanterns, path lights, motion sensor spot lights, solar desk lights, solar flashlights, and solar water pumps.

Bali Silent Retreat Herbs

Healthy and Fun

In addition to the regular programs on our calendar and the Programs Page, there is always lots going on at Bali Silent Retreat:

  • Balinese herbalists in the medicine garden attending their herbs, to grate and chop, boil, dry and prepare treatments.
  • Visiting practitioners may offer Tai Chi or Chi Gong.
  • Early morning jungle walks, or rice paddy treks.
  • Story time reading sessions, etc.

Garden-to-Table Food Philosophies & Recipes

Depending on what’s fresh in the garden, the kitchen angels create delectable dishes as a culinary art form. They forage through the gardens daily to delivery special – like you’ve never tasted before – in-the-moment dishes; the culinary version of Be Here Now. Vegan bacon from coconut is smoked in a real smoker, not treated with “liquid smoke”.

Balinese walking to a ceremony. . . welcome to Bali! Be prepared to stop and wait for 5-10 minutes, even in the middle of a main road.

Culture, Tradition & Tales of History

Respected and reserved for the Balinese, their history, culture, lore and the beauty of so many things they do. From the original ashram that was here 550 years ago to the current ceremonies and traditions, we encourage them to tell their stories and record them here.

Inspiring audio and video

Inspirations from Others

At Bali Silent Retreat we support all aspects of emerging consciousness. Part of our vision and mission is to facilitate the growing awakening of humanity and respect for our planet. (We are all in this together). Here are links to like minded philosophies, locations, and commitments.