Vulnerability and a willingness to feel

January’s classes with various teachers at Bali Silent Retreat revolved around the vibration of vulnerability and the amazing softness and power it offers all of us. Teachers, guests and volunteers were submersed and awakened to vulnerability and the strength it offers.

In vulnerability there is a delightful willingness to feel, as well as experience emotions and thoughts, to allow Essential Self to be heard, allowing Truth to mellow and melt its way into our cellular memory.

In a yoga class we allowed vulnerability to open up with hip and heart openers, where anxiety or resistance to old stories, or channels of thinking, dissolved into just a distant memory.

In meditation classes we invited the exploration of the feelings of consciousness, the level beyond ‘now’, where ‘before’ dissolves.

Vulnerability opens the door to a relationship with ‘surrender’ and ways of being, of feeling and allowing the world around us to sing its song and dance its magical dance.

The daily program at Bali Silent Retreat allows you to join us wherever you are in your process, to feel supported on your journey, and to spend time with like minded souls. We offer yoga, mediation, walks in nature and the jungle that surrounds all within silence to offer time to contemplate and reflect.