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The New Earth Tool Kit

The earth is changing rapidly and we all need a new tool kit and manual to smile through life or at least to keep life from wrestling us to the ground.

This toolkit is designed to assist all, but with a pull to the masculine. By no means does this mean that it is to be used by men only, it simply means that it supports the masculine force in all of us to achieve more balance in whatever we’re pursuing. If you are reading this and this makes absolutely no sense to you, but you’re willing to give it a go because it might make your richer and therefore happier, quicker? Read more


Attention to detail is worthy of a five-star resort

Every so often a special guest makes special comments. Sally May Mills is one of those special guests. Her words are shared below. Thanks, Sally

A heart-felt TerimaKasi to everyone at the Retreat for the gift you have given Bali, and the world – a haven of gentle silence, comfort and community. I’d like to share my experience and assessment of Bali Silent Retreat: The attention to detail is worthy of a five-star resort.

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Jackfruit open

Foods that Save the Forest.

When European explorers first stepped foot in the tropical rain forests of South America and Asia they were quick to judge what they observed. A bunch of primitive people, no machinery, poor soil and no crops in sight. ‘We’ve got to show these poor hungry people how it’s done back home’. A few decades later, most of the world’s precious rain forest has been destroyed and the people who appeared to be hungry back then are actually hungrier today. Where did we go wrong? Read more

Garden bufy

Bufy squeaks and dances

Bufy, our water buffalo; she’s an eccentric character, a theatrical personality, an affectionate joyful HUGE beast! (Mind the horns!) We adore her and so do the guests. But she’s not like a cow or a cat or dog, for that matter.

Since just a teenager now, she’s still learning how to pull the plow and finds it a bit boring, tends to just stop and lie down in the watery mud until we all throw water on her, give her cooing-wooing sounds and bribe her with some grass. Her trainer sites her as being spoiled and lazy. Oh, my! Read more

Walking on ricefields

Planting a new Banyan tree at Odalan

Gamelan, the brass vibrational music which seems to be deposited into the very marrow of the bones of the Balinese people.

Gamelan, the brass vibrational music which seems to be deposited into the very marrow of the bones of the Balinese people.

One of the most regularly observed ceremonies in Bali is ‘Odalan’. Generally speaking, Odalan is a festival/ceremony to observe a temple’s anniversary or birthday, every 210 days on the Balinese Saka calendar, but it’s intent is to honor the birthing and arising from God Essence. It is spiritual, social, and part of the Balinese-Hindu tradition. With  around 4,500 temples around the island, Odalan rituals happen every day.  Read more

Taro Tree

Flowers and Jungle Cuisine by Asire

Flowers and Jungle Cuisine at Bali Silent Retreat

Flowers, veggies and mystery plants from the garden and jungle for Chef Asire’s Indonesian cuisine . . . a blend of medicine and delectable flavors.

A visit to the Turi tree is almost as good as going to the market. Read more


Quack Quack Duck Duck

Ducks are funny! Fun to watch. Fun to listen to. Wiggling. Quacking. Running to the left. Running to the right. Arguing. Chatting. Like many animals they embrace a type of meditation in their daily routine; there’s a rhythm about the way they follow their duck leader, letting go of duck decisions and just following. Perhaps a yoga posture can be appointed called Downward Duck, similar to how the duck dips its head into the water, between it’s legs to catch a fish or a weed. It’s said (by duck herders) that the gender difference is easily distinguished by their quack; the females are louder.  Read more


Bufy the Water Buffalo

Let me introduce you to Bufy, the water buffalo – our water buffalo at Bali Silent Retreat. The new addition to our family. She’s a teenager and still a virgin. She’s smiling. . . very friendly with people and is very eager for visitors, but she has horns, so it can be a bit risky getting friendly with her. Read more

Labyrinth walking meditation

Meditation in all shapes, sizes and synchronicities

Meditation in all shapes, sizes and synchronicities: Walking the Labyrinth- the ancient tradition of the labyrinth catharsis – one way in and one way out. Read more

Sarah Dulhaney

Pure Joy and Magic

The energy and spirit of this place is PURE JOY AND MAGIC! -the beautiful Balinese staff and the volunteers, who all work to keep everything positive and enjoyable.

I will remember everything here – always. This is where I finally woke up to rediscover myself; to be aware of and present with my feelings and my life. The teachers and the energy here has guided and encouraged me to be present and accept myself and give myself permission. Read more