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Foods that Save the Forest.

When European explorers first stepped foot in the tropical rain forests of South America and Asia they were quick to judge what they observed. A bunch of primitive people, no machinery, poor soil and no crops in sight. ‘We’ve got to show these poor hungry people how it’s done back home’. A few decades later, most of the world’s precious rain forest has been destroyed and the people who appeared to be hungry back then are actually hungrier today. Where did we go wrong?

A leading edge of western society is warming to the idea of ‘fair trade’ or ‘rain-forest alliance’ certified produce. As much as I applaud awareness and a willingness to spend more money of semi ethical produce, perhaps it’s time to take a leap and question our food choices at ground level, at soil level. It’s hard for us to imagine that not just oil and gas but even soil and water are now precious resources under threat and we have the power to turn this around in every choice we make. Over the weeks to come I’m writing about different foods that I have come to love and appreciate for the way they grow, taste and nourish our beings and beyond. These foods don’t need to be marketed as super foods and shipped all over the world. They need to be celebrated, straight from the earth!

Some say that the mighty Jack fruit tree is capable of producing more food per square meter than any other plant or tree in the world. True or not, the Artocarpus Heteriphyllus is a gentle giant to be loved and nourished. How is the brave Jack going to save the forest? Find out by reading the full article on our website or by visiting the retreat.

After a day of yoga, meditation, and restful contemplation, we savor and share foods at Bali Silent Retreat  that, I believe as a chef, tremendously benefit humanity and beyond. Bald statement? Perhaps! Every Sunday night we get together and elaborate how you can practice ‘new earth cooking’ at home, wherever you live.

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