3 of the 10 “C”s of Conscious Living

  1. Celebrate what’s right with your world. Let’s appreciate the abundance and opportunities that are available to us. It may seem odd to start with focusing on what’s right in order to create change, but this really is the key. Simply pointing out the wrongs of the world doesn’t inspire anyone to create radical improvements. If all of us make lists of what we love about our lives and the planet we share, it could create an unprecedented ripple of positivity, powerful enough to create lasting change.

Simplistic? Perhaps.

But modern science is not far behind in proving the tremendous power of collective focus and intention. As much as the ‘issues’ in the world can come across as daunting, it’s important to stay positive and solution minded.

For example:

  • Try telling a smoker about the effects of cigarettes on one’s health and they will likely get overwhelmed and reach for the next cigarette.
  • Tell them about the miraculous function of our lungs and their capacity to oxygenate the body instead. This person might find a new level of respect for their body which could be the first step on their journey to better health.
  1. Consider your impact as it reaches far beyond your comfort zone. You are a powerful creator through the thoughts you think, the way you act and the choices you make. On a day to day basis you have the power to change the world. In fact, you ARE changing the world, by just bringing consideration  into your awareness. In this way you get to make informed decisions. It’s an important key in claiming your power.

For example:

  • When we hear about the palm oil crisis and how it relates to destruction of our most precious rainforests and its indigenous communities, we are quick to blame the corporations involved.
  • But what is inside our kitchen cupboards? Products that contain palm oil?
  • It’s our responsibility to know what we invite into our lives and consider the effects it has on the web of life we are part of.
  1. Create your own philosophy, strategy or standard of living. Meh the sheep! Don’t rely on others’ social standards or guidelines to determine how you should live. We are all part of creating and facilitating the expansion of humanity and carry all inspiration inside of us. Question everything, find better ways and start walking the talk today. This step is about shifting from being a consumer to being a creator.

We need to go beyond consumer behavior into every aspect of our lives.

For example:

  • Large department stores are starting to ban plastic bags from their outlets.
  • Fast food chains are selling organic hamburgers in certain countries. Like it or not, these corporations are onto something.
  • But should we really wait for others to raise the bar?
  • What are your views on plastic and pollution?
  • And how can you, in radical ways, make a change? What are your standards?

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