Nature as Meditation

We have 6 hectare of gardens and jungle here at Bali Silent Retreat surround the property, attracting butterflies, caterpillars, and crickets, bees, frogs, etc etc etc. Many guests take meditating walks just to watch the smaller but larger world of nature which  escapes us in the city.

Kumis Kuching* (Cat Whiskers)

This plant surrounds the labyrinth and attracts numerous species of butterflies. Not only do you awaken to new meditative sites in the walking meditation, but you often can be the viewer of  a butterfly ballet. They dance between the hibiscus, passion flowers, sunflowers, marigolds, heliakonia, clitoria, and the flamboyant flower tree (yes, that’s its real name), as well as, numerous flowering plants used for specific Balinese ceremonies.

* Kumis Kuching is a medicine herb used for kidney and urinary tract issues.

Big Wasp? Not really a wasp, but tough enough to eat concrete and 5cm -(21/2″) long. In Balinese it’s called Tamuliling. We think he is doing concrete meditation here at Bali Silent Retreat. He won’t hurt you with his stinger unless you try to hurt him.

At night, an orchestra of frogs and geckos create a symphony, matched only by the classical masters.

Between Yoga and Meditation classes we invite you to explore the gardens and get up close and personal with nature.