Life Changing

Dear Bali Silent Retreat,

I arrived here at Bali Silent Retreat in tears, and now 6 days later I depart with a smile on my face. This short time has been so very trans-formative, such that I found the tools I need to be satisfied in life; to be in the ‘here and now’; to let things just be; to be aware.
THANK YOU. I’d like to thank everyone and I mean EVERYONE here at Bali Silent. I’ve encountered tremendous kindness and warm thoughtfulness from all of the staff and volunteer teachers. I’m reminded of how even the smallest gesture and kindness can be so important.

I am also reminded of the importance of silence and how we don’t get much anymore and how much energy is used up from social pressures. I have found here at Bali Silent Retreat a shared comfortable silence between the guests in a communal space where silence is celebrated. I enjoyed every moment !

For the very first time in my life I’m in a place where anxiety about food simply does not exist. I’m told to eat as much as I want, to enjoy my food and love every bite and every taste. The meals are so incredible and so fresh. The knowledge that it has just come straight from the garden or a local source adds to the satisfaction.

Besides the meditation and yoga and fire ceremony just the joy of looking at the gardens and jungle and rice fields every day is so rich and abundant, it’s been a remedy for my heart, mind, body and soul.

Thank you to everyone.
Bella from the UK