Journaling and the written word

The power and simplicity of self-discovery that are available to you with the art of journaling are limitless. Journaling and the hand written word open a doorway to self-observation and discovery.

  • This process offers you a chance to witness your thought process from a new perspective.
  • You can visually recognize the emotion and energy your words carry.
  • These are revealed through the variations in your handwriting as you inscribe the page.

Sometimes a thought process can circle around in the mind and it may go unnoticed. When a thought stream is written down, you bring awareness to yourself and your inner world.

Journaling is a dynamic way of writing to your self, questioning and answering at the same time. This can open a creative space with a blend of logic and expanded concepts, opening insights from intrigue. It can easily open the window of your mind to new ideas and stop to notice how you have grown and matured as a person.

Often during meditation or self-introspection, a single word or quality can come to mind. Such as trust, power, or courage. When you take the time to journal about your own personal meaning for that word, great learning can occur. You become aware of accumulated memory and definition. You can witness how it feels and get a sense if a doorway to deeper meaning is being opened.

In times of choice, decision, or trying to make sense of a scenario, journaling can prove even more valuable. By listing or laying out the available choices, clarity can surface in one view. This allows an easy overview and gives space for the ‘standout-option’ to be easily noticed. Journaling and the written word is a very powerful tool. It only requires time and willingness for the natural process of self-observation.