Eating Eggs is Now OK!

Science has flipped its opinion and our bodies can healthily meet and greet the intake of rich food and nutritious food.

What constitutes healthy and respectful food when it comes to eggs?

  • No cages or confined spaces.
  • Grazing and foraging happily with their other bird pals.

When it comes to eggs, duck eggs would be gold medal winners in the Egg Olympics!

Pak Coco is the GodFather of the duck mafia in the village of Mongan where Bali Silent Retreat sits at the base of Holy Mount Batu Karu. He rules his nomadic herd with a flag pole, a kind, generous and a patient leader. He guides his quacking tribe in and out of the rice fields as they feast on water weeds, insects, larvae and other competitors to baby rice plants.

The Duck Club is where the ducks sleep and rumor is he has been known to spend the night with his feathered friends if predators are prowling. This duck compound is strewn with eggs everyday and collected by Ibu Coco, the GodMother of the duck eggs. These gems are washed in spring water and then lovingly delivered into dishes by our Balinese kitchen angels.

The ducks have a bite o’ breakfast grains and then waddle off into the fields to forage for various duck delicacies, swim, quack and repeat all over again another day.

Thanks for looking at eggs from a different perspective.