Use Our Imagination? BIG or small?

The Future of Food: big mono crops or small organic farms?

  • All that’s left to ask our farmers: ‘are you growing food or commodities?’
  • All that’s left to ask our cooks: ‘are you cooking for love or profit?’

It’s an exciting time to be alive. For some, life seems limitless. With enough funds, one can go around the world in 48 hours. Restaurant hop your way through Europe, slide around street food Asia, still your appetite in the Americas. If that sounds like too much effort, you can get the whole circus to come your way, by simply visiting your local supermarket. I’m sure our grandparents were beaming with excitement over the introduction of the first paprika, the new generation is increasingly harder to impress.

Just as we’re getting used to eating anything we want, that very culinary luxury is under serious threat. With our oceans estimated to be empty only a few decades from now, our soils have 100 harvests left in them and climate change getting more and more personal, we now ask ourselves the question ‘how will we feed the world over the years to come?’