The Wisdom of ‘Kain Poleng’ (Black and White) by Sang Tu, our Balinese cultural liaison for Bali Silent Retreat.

If you are either Indonesian or a westerner you may have a question; Why, in Bali, are there so many shrines or big trees, as well as, people with Black and White fabric.

This is simple message but so very deep. The name of this Balinese-Hindu tradition is ‘kain poleng’; Fabric Black and White. In life, there is always Positive and Negative; same as Black and White. And we can not separate one from the other. But we can transform these energies to be in living harmony, for both the macro-cosmos of the universe and the micro-cosmos of the human.

As we see in the macro-cosmos, Night or Dark, during which we need a light or star or the moon to see the things. Also macro-cosmos of Day or Light, during which we need shade when the sun gives us too much strong light.

As humans in the micro-cosmos, we have same duality ‘tools’, which are Left and Right, In and Out, Anger and Love, having different functions at different times and for different situations; each tool connecting or support each other.

This is Balinese wisdom and the Kain Poleng (Black and White cloth) is our reminder.

Sangtu usually offers a sharing of an interesting aspect of Balinese culture on Wednesday or Thursday night – depending on his family and ceremony schedule . . . welcome to Bali. Bali Silent Retreat for Prayer and Meditation is also a loving hub for honoring Bali’s old style traditions and history.

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