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ProBiotics, AntiOxidants, Genetics

HEALTHY GUT, HEALTHY GUT. It’s all about a healthy gut. Your general feeling of well being, feeling in a good mood, a strong immune system, adequate concentration levels, fresh  skin, ALL are influenced by a healthy gut!

Probiotics: Yoghurt, kefir or sauerkraut, or in capsule form are some of the healthy-gut-soldiers protecting your gut’s well being. However you need to feed the troops! Lots of veggies! They love raw but clean leafy greens, bananas and asparagus. This will keep them happy to keep your gut healthy!

Antioxidants inhibit the oxidation of other molecules which produce free radicals (these are bad). But plants can get lazy by modern farming, green houses protected from pests, wind and other threats and then no longer need to produce so many anti oxidants! When grown in full elements and sun, open air, and organic soil, they are much higher in antioxidants. Wild plants, have the most antioxidants.

Genetics. Researchers have found that specific genes are essential for producing critical immune cells in your gut respond to leafy green vegetables.