The Truth?

We are forever seeking the truth on our never ending quest, reaching within and seeking without.

What is the truth? We ask this at different times and levels of our passage through life.

Is it a static offering of information that remains forever the same, always reliable and able to be called upon to offer us comfort and knowing?

Or is the truth simply more than we know at anyone point in time? The next ‘aha’ moment.

Is the truth of who we are simply the next level of understanding? Ever evolving; held only until the next question surfaces or the next standpoint in time asks for a greater level of awakening to occur?

The truth and its journey of experience is unique to us all. Unique as we know it , as we feel it or as we once remembered it.

One thing is certain – when we receive a sample, a glimpse or an awe inspiring download of our own personal truth, there is no mistaking it – pure life force flowing through any one of us. This level of truth remains; no going back. Once settled into our cellular memory, the next leg of the journey begins… forever seeking, questioning, asking, and discovering ‘Truth’.