Dragonflies, Fireflies, and Lightning – does it count as a meditation experience?

  . . . written by Sarah from Germany who lovingly wrote extensively about her 1 week experience in April 2015:

These 7 days have been intense and important and a piece of this place will stay with me forever. I feel love and peace everywhere here. This is way beyond yoga and meditation.

The staff radiates with calm and love and this love can be seen in every little detail. The food and the Bumi Baru* food philosophy is a treasure! I’ve never tasted such specific flavors. Normally I’m not a vegetarian but after my time here, I want to change my attitude toward food. The variety of books was inspiring along with sitting in the gentle quiet of the library and looking out over the green green rice fields and mountains. I found the jungle sounds at night to be indescribable and waking to see the sunrise every morning from my bed made me wish I could always live like this.

Saving the best until last, the most amazing experience was walking the labyrinth at sunset; the stones seemed to glow, there were dragonflies, fireflies and some lightening in the sky – a most intense and momentous event for me.

In conclusion I’d like to say that the whole of Bali Silent Retreat is fascinating in that it is in such harmony: nature, animals, the community, environmentally (solar energy, banana leaf cups, nearly no plastic- not even the buttons on the duvet cover!) I truly respect this space, its kind people and hard working staff. Thank you for this wonderful experience of a life time.

*Bumi Baru means ‘new earth’ and is a philosophy that stretches from food to everything we do.