The New Earth Tool Kit

The earth is changing rapidly and we all need a new tool kit and manual to smile through life or at least to keep life from wrestling us to the ground.

This toolkit is designed to assist all, but with a pull to the masculine. By no means does this mean that it is to be used by men only, it simply means that it supports the masculine force in all of us to achieve more balance in whatever we’re pursuing. If you are reading this and this makes absolutely no sense to you, but you’re willing to give it a go because it might make your richer and therefore happier, quicker?

The tools in this kit are essentially forms of meditation. However, that word may mean nothing to you and just like the word ‘God’ it may bring up forms of judgment that are irrelevant. So forget that word as quick as you read it. These tools are here to soften your mind and sharpen your soul, helping you navigate smoothly through the turbulent waters of modern society. You may attract stunning new acquaintances or serendipitous events on the way as pleasant side effects. Use these tools daily in order to feel better in the only time granted to you for as long as you breathe: the present moment.

Read the full article and it will all make sense.