Bufy – the lovable (mind the horns) water buffalo

This is Bufy, our eccentric & theatrical, loved & spoiled water buffalo- emphasis on the word ‘water’. She recently won the award of the laziest animal in the village. Her handlers complain that she refuses to pull the plow  for more than 10 minutes and insists on eating only baby grasses.

We adore her and so do the guests, as she waddles to her grazing area or  plops down into the field squeeking at people walking by. During this time of drought (she keeps reminding us that it’s supposed to be rainy season) Bufy is a bit cranky, lazy, and  insisting to wallow in her ‘swimming pool’ which is actually a bit of a mud pit. When she does finally rise from the ‘pool’, her  personality surfaces with affection and a tendency to snuggle. She loves to snuggle – Mind the horns! Some guests claim she’s a natural meditator. We are not so sure about that.

Watch one of Bufy’s videos or read Water Buffalo notes below, in case you’re thinking of getting one – ha!


Bufy at her ‘spa’ taking a mud bath in the heat of the day.

Bufy  grazing.

Bufy dancing and squeaking.

Aspects of owning a water buffalo – She . . .

  • supports the strength of a small elephant
  • tends to collapse for hours into the river or any body of water
  • loves eating all forms of tender grass, which includes young rice. (Oooops, sorry Balinese farmer next to us . Our pet water buffalo just happened to eat half your rice crop).
  • likes to lick your hand or bump up against you with her mud-poo soaked body
  • butts you with her head (again . . . mind the horns) when she wants to play.
  • verbalizes in the form of a little squeak to say “Hello, come pet me.” Or “Sorry, please don’t leave; I didn’t mean to knock you to the ground . . . was just jokin’ around.” Or “I’d sure love a handful of fresh clean grass; yes I know I’m a messy eater and all this other grass is full of mud now.”