Speeding Ticket of the Senses?

10 years ago, Balinese would ask anyone walking by, “Kemana?” (“Where are you going?”). People walked (Really? Yes, they walked or too a ride in a ‘bemo’, a local van.) from village to village; no phones; just intuition as to when to show up. So, if someone was walking by it might very well be they had been walking for a long time and needed rest or water or a bite of food. And they would be welcomed into the family compound for a little sharing and gnosh.

What happened?

What happened over the past 10 years is that we all picked up speed, on every continent.

We’re now hurtling at an unprecedented speed of instant messages, voices, photos, and videos.

The result is a war zone. We all visit many war zone scenarios during our life span: sibling war, family war, shopping sale war. And then there’s the lethal war of guns, bombs, chemicals, which most of us are blessed to not have experienced other than the sound bites of news on our internet or TV or Hollywood screen.

The war zone referenced here is a war of emotional and psychological survival; the competition of being important, significant, valuable; the war of the ego running at full speed within ourselves. For example:

  • Look at me.
  • I’m a CEO.
  • I’m a yoga teacher.
  • I’m a driver.
  • I’m a healer.
  • I’m an xxxxxxx.

It all simply means “I’m important and valuable” in this world of ‘look at me’ on facebook, twitter, web.

At Bali Silent Retreat the guests switch channels to the opposite aspect of:

  • Please don’t engage with me.
  • My need for importance has become quiet.
  • Personal value depends more on inner truth.
  • Nothing specific is required of me.

The physical aspects of being human are met with:

  • Eating love infused meals and snacks fresh from the organic gardens
  • Walking and walking and walking: labyrinth, jungle, rice terrace
  • Chatting with your heart, your inner voice, your essence
  • Soaking in the hot springs
  • Watching the stars
  • Sleeping a deep luxurious sleep

Learn the art of slowing down and taking the moment to experience life fully from our “resident” snail.