Rooms, Rates & DayPass

We have several different accommodation options here at Bali Silent Retreat to suit all budgets and styles of traveller:

All our accommodation options include a hot shower, of course, a mosquito net, 100% cotton sheets, a down comforter (it can get cold at night), kimono, towel and special hair towel, torch, lap desk, solar reading light and to take home with you – a bookmark, pen and notebook journal.

A DayPass is also needed, which includes our world famous food and programs: three delicious organic buffet feasts and the all-day grazing table of snacks, juices, as well as, our unprecedented daily programs and scheduled events. The DayPass for all food & programs is US$35 and automatically added to the total amount in the booking.

Private Wooden Bungalows

Private Wooden Bungalows all feature their own bathroom with open air hot shower, mosquito nets, and private porch/balcony overlooking the stunning view of rice fields towards the sacred Mount Batu Karu. Hot fresh ginger tea is served at 5am each morning. There are three different types of Private Bungalows:

  • Bungalow for one person single bed
  • Deluxe Bungalow for two persons with queen bed
  • Deluxe Bungalow for two persons with trundle bed
Bali Silent Retreat Private Bungalow

Private Bungalow

For 1 Person US$ 90 /night/person

Private Bungalows for one person offers privacy, a single bed, mosquito net (not often needed), bathroom with open air hot shower, 5am tea served on the veranda, and a stunning view.

Only two of these private bungalows are available.

“It’s a 5-star ashram”

— Catherine, Canada.

Bali Silent Retreat Deluxe Bungalow

Deluxe Bungalow

For 2 Person US$ 60 /night/person (min. 2 person – total US$ 120 /night)

Deluxe Wooden Bungalows for 2 persons are two level with view over the rice fields towards the sacred Mt. Batu Karu, lounging area, private bathroom – open air hot showers – with native plants, mosquito nets.  5am tea is served in a basket on the veranda.

Two configurations available:

  1. Queen bed is upstairs with lounging area downstairs & sleepable sofa.
  2. Trundle bed (2 single beds) is an oversized single bed where a smaller bed rolls-out from under it; lounging area downstairs with desk and electrical outlet.

Single Rooms

There are two types of single room: Upper level and Ground level. Upper level rooms have an open ceiling and are not recommended for light sleepers. Ground level rooms are more quiet and closed and are recommended for light sleepers and serious meditators.

Single Room Upper Level

US$ 45 /night/person

Minimalist simplicity! The modest upper level rooms have a private balcony with a view over the Balinese jungle. There is a single bed with a mosquito net, a bright reading lamp, bathroom, sink and hot shower. The rooms are light and airy with an open ceiling between rooms.

Light sleepers are recommended to get ear plugs at the front desk. Snorers are recommended to book a Single Room Ground Level or a Private Bungalow.

Single Room Ground Level

US$ 40 /night/person

Minimalist simplicity! The modest ground level rooms have a garden porch and grass lounging area with jungle view. There is a single bed with a mosquito net, a bright reading lamp, bathroom, sink and hot shower. The rooms are designed for serious meditators: Quiet, dark and cool, with a feeling of enclosed privacy.

If you are a snorer, we ask you to book this style of room.


For women only US$ 25 /night/person

There are fourteen single beds available in the Women’s Dorm. The building is a charming re-cycled antique teak-wood Javanese house with lounging areas inside and outside. Each bed is an individual wooden bed with a mosquito net, a solar reading lamp and a large storage box for personal items. There is a shared bathroom with open-air hot water showers and a stunning view of the jungle.


If your path to truth and awakening through silence and self-reflection is flowing for six or more nights we can support your journey with a 10% discount on your accommodation. Single Rooms and Private Bungalows only. Apologies, we cannot discount the Dorms or your DayPass.

Discount is calculated when you pay at check-in.

Government Tax

Rooms and DayPasses are subject to 17% government tax and service.

Please arrive before 4pm

Check-in time is from 2pm, however you are welcome to arrive anytime to familiarize yourself with the philosophy, programs and grounds. Try to arrive early so we have enough daylight to show you around and give you a warm welcome and full orientation.

DayPass – Food & Programs

Includes All Meals and Programs – US$ 35 /day/person

The Food & Programs DayPass is separate from the room rate but is automatically booked when the overnight room is booked.

Our very affordable DayPass gives you access to all the different Programs and Events at Bali Silent Retreat during the entire day. From the early morning Meditation class at 6:00am until the Evening lecture or event at 6:00pm. In between the programs you can enjoy our buffet table with organic breakfast, lunch and dinner, and also explore a multitude of activities on your own.

Room and DayPass are purchased separately and are calculated as:

  • 1/2 day when you arrive (lunch buffet, afternoon programs, dinner buffet)
  • Full days in between (morning programs, breakfast buffet, lunch buffet, afternoon programs, dinner buffet)
  • 1/2 day when you depart (morning programs and breakfast buffet)

The DayPass includes

Our delicious freshly picked Garden-to-Table organic cuisine.

Breakfast buffet – 8:30-10:00am
Lunch buffet – 11:30am-3:00pm
Dinner buffet – 4:30-6:00pm
Tea, juices and snacks – All day

All the various Programs and Events.

Yoga asana and meditation classes – morning and afternoon

Balinese Culture Tea Circle lecture and 2 hour Rice Terrace Walk,
New Earth Cooking lecture and 2 hour Garden tour

Monthly (new moon and full moon)
Agnihotra – healing fire ceremony

Explore yourself
Labyrinth walking, Crystal circle, Medicine garden, Jungle walk, Crying bench, Star gazing beds, Walk through the rice fields, Library

DayPass Only

You are welcome to enjoy Bali Silent Retreat with just a DayPass (US$35). Please send an email to We will manually make a booking for you and email a payment link for your deposit (US$10 – non refundable if cancelled less than 48 hours from your arrival time.)


  1. the number of persons and their names
  2. the day or days you wish to join us for the day
  3. your phone number, if you have one  in Indonesia
  4. transport needs (hotel where you are staying and their phone number)

NOTE: We are about an hour north of Ubud; 2 hours north of Denpasar. Location and Directions are on

You are welcome to arrive for 6am Meditation & 7am Yoga, followed by buffet breakfast, however we will not have available staff at that hour to orientate you. Our office opens at 8:30am.

Early Morning Arrival Process

  • If you choose to arrive early for the 6am class, there is a large map at the office and parking area which will guide you to the Meditation & Yoga Octagon Bale.
  • Bring a torch if you have one.
  • Our  security  team will be alerted that you have a booking and will wait for you until 6am, in order to guide you to the meditation octagon.
  • If you  haven’t arrived by 6am, we will assume your plans changed and the security guard will leave.
  • At 8.30am, return to the office  to say hello, receive an Orientation of the grounds &  your bowls, mugs & cutlery and pay any balance due.
  • You can then be free to enjoy breakfast, rest time, the grounds, programs etc…