Meditation as an offering in Bali

Meditation as a Balinese Offering, called Canang by Sangtu, our Balinese cultural advisor.

The Canang offering is seen every day, everywhere in Bali: This spiritual practice is how each individual Balinese person retreats into God, Spirit, Ancestors and Nature, if only for a few minutes. Canang (pronounced chanang) is the little orange box as well as the daily offering. Can=Beauty and Nang=destiny and intention. So Canang means the beauty of destiny.

We call it Balinese-Hindu.

To ‘do offerings’ is to meditate,  in all different types of places; car, kitchen, office, rooms,and even on the street.

  • on the ground, to be grateful to Ibu Pertiwi (Mother Earth)
  • on our tools because we are grateful these tools can help us (car, knife, computer)
  • on each building, both shrine and house; always giving offerings for buildings because it’s important to maintain a harmonious energy within them.  . .  kind of like electric cables being properly connected. After the original ceremony for a building, the offering is like the maintenance program for connecting with the soul of the universe.

Why every where? Because our life is everywhere and god is everywhere.

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