Silent Retreat
for Prayer and Meditation

“the art of nothing”

meditate ~ pray ~ rest
sleep ~ eat

Bali Silent Retreat
Prayer and Meditation

Join others with
your personal practice
of prayer and meditation
to radiate blessings
and gratefulness to the world.


Just rest and sleep and eat . . .
and repeat. . .

” the art of nothing”.

Meditation, Yoga, Prayer and Restful Contemplation – in Silence

“I came here to unplug and recharge/relax. I’ve done that and more. You’ve thoughtfully put together organic farming + a rich environment for self reflection + mindfulness all wrapped with a comfy bed, divine food containing uplifted spiritual energy. Loved it.”
Lee Ann, American living in Bali

Bali Silent Retreat is more than yoga and meditation- its a restorative and inspirational sanctuary for you to take-a-time-out from the demands of busy-busy complicated lifestyles. Surrounded and protected by rice fields, jungle, Mt. Batu Karu, and spiritual essence, Bali Silent Retreat is where you can take-time-out, nourish your body & soul, and find yourself again.


AgniHotra-1-cropped-web2“I’ve never had such attentiveness to well being. The daily yoga & meditation, as well as, the labyrinth and jungle walks and hot springs at night, calmed my mind to a place of peace beyond description. I wish I could live here!” Pat from USA

Yoga includes morning and afternoon varied types of yoga and meditation, are shared in open air octagon tent, surrounded by the green of nature. Yoga asanas vary from Hatha to Ashtanga to Iyengar traditions and, of course restorative yoga. Meditation includes beginner to advanced, depending on your level of experience. Labyrinth meditation, jungle and rice field walks are yours for the taking – a photographer’s delight! Additional ceremonies, workshops, and events are on the Calendar and off-site activities to temples, jungle, and hot springs are scheduled per request. The Lodge Library with spiritual, philosophical, self help titles, and fun-frivolous-fiction gets smiles and applause. The volunteer program offers an experience of a lifetime within a true eco community – off the grid and eco green to the extreme.


Garden-to-Table Organic Cuisine

baturiti_fruit_market“The food – OMG!!! I’ve dined in Michelin starred restaurants that were a joke compared to this culinary taste sensation, LOVED it!!!”
Barbara, Switzerland

Two daily vegetarian buffets and all-day-grazing-table* are fresh with living energy! Slow Food certified recipes are prepared by ‘Garden to Table’ chefs, who pour loving passion into every aspect of food, selecting vegetables fresh from our organic gardens to give you Living Food. *Grazing table: fresh salads, fruits, juices, fresh baked breads, cookies– all day long.



ricefields“It’s a 5-star ashram” Catherine, Canada.

With 100% cotton linens, down comforters, kimonos, lap desks, and stunning views, simplicity is combined with luxury. Constructed of recycled timbers, indigenous architectures, and local flavor, the feeling is simple, warm, earthy, rustic, relaxing, and friendly. Within this super eco-community, we’re off the grid and green-to-the-extreme. Room choices include wooden bungalows or snug single rooms or dormitory beds. Each space is simple, with tasteful touches and stunning views (no air con – it’s cool at night).


Grounds & Facilities

the-finger-from-Daltons-web“The rice fields are amazing! The gardens are a beautiful meditation unto themselves. The helpful and smiling staff. The views! The Silence. The sounds of nature. But the one factor that will bring me back to Bali Silent Retreat is the heavenly feeling here on earth.” Maartje, Holland

4 hectares of a real and true eco community – off the grid and green-to-the-extreme-vegetables, fruits & flowers, jungle, rice fields, labyrinth, medicine & herb gardens, and fun Off-the-Grid-Extremely-Green science: includes solar electricity, water distilling, herb drying and catching rainwater from the roof.

Bali Silent Retreat is completely and totally chemical-free and sustainably responsible.

Pradnya View with Rice Paddies


Join others or remain in solitude for yoga, meditation, prayer, and programs.


Develop the “art of nothing” and just eat, sleep, read and repeat.

In Peace and Silence

Yoga&Meditation is a complete and comprehensive Way of Life at Bali Silent Retreat, not just for yoga asanas and meditation, but also for:

Truth – big and little Truth, examining it in everything we do.

Non Violence – in speech and food and intention toward other living things.

Respect – with human and divine love, as well as, for all faiths and practices.