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Reconnecting with yourself at this Bali retreat is simple: by removing the demands of life and embracing the art of nothing. Found within the UNESCO protected rice fields of Jatiluwih, on the rich heritage of the Kingdom of Tabanan, Bali Silent Retreat was once a sacred ashram erected by the king for his unwell son.

3 Best Day Trips in Bali

by Anna Chittenden / Conde Nast Traveler

For many travelers, Bali is a dream destination, with everything from beaches to food to spirituality on the agenda. But too often, people get stuck in a rut when it comes to places to go, with Seminyak and Ubud always top of this list. How about veering off the well-trodden tourist-path to areas unknown?

Bali Silent Retreat is exactly what it sounds like: no talking, no music, just silence and the noises of nature.

Have you ever wondered why the word ‘silent’ and ‘listen’ are spelled with the same letters? Deep in the heart of Tabanan, at the base of the Balinese holy mountain Batu Karu, I finally understood why.

Relaxing silent retreats around the world

by Tessa Williams / The Daily Mail

Could you stay silent for an entire MONTH? The no-talking retreats designed to bring you inner calm (though some are more extreme than others)

Experience the inspirational beauty for yourself!

The Ultimate Guide to All Things Bali

by Max Veenhuyzen / Qantas Travel Insider

Bali Silent Retreat is exactly what it sounds like: an escape where guests take temporary vows of silence in the name of self-discovery.

Too busy to take a break? Here’s when you need to draw the line – break off from your hectic lifestyle, and retreat to an environment that promotes serenity and relaxation.

Shhh! No talking at this resort

by Melissa Zhu / Channel News Asia

I found it liberating not having to consider social niceties or think about how I was being perceived in any exchange. It freed up a shocking amount of mind space to think about what I wanted personally and my priorities, independent of others.

Seeking a silent retreat from urban life

by Rebecca Henschke, Camera: Haryo Wirawan, Producer: Pamela Parker / BBC News

These days a digital detox is not nearly enough for city dwellers glued to computers, screens and devices. Silent retreats are proving to be an increasingly popular form of escape from the stresses and noise of urban life.

Living off the grid in Bali

by Anita / Bali Advertiser

Living off the grid is about having a conscious awareness of how we want to live on this planet. Read more on the living off the grid principle being practiced at Bali Silent Retreat.

Beautiful views, meditative walks and delicious food may create the perfect mood for a mindful break – but Ariel, The Guardian’s writer discovers that being in the moment is hard work.

Brave new Earth

by Eve Tedja / Epicure Indonesia

What is it like to stay in a silent retreat? Eve Tedja travels to the west of Bali for a gadget-free experience and discovers what New Earth Cooking is all about.

Lifting the weight that no scale can measure.

by Heath Evans / it’s Your turn

What is the recipe to a successful life? Do more things into exhaustion or let everything takes its balance? Read Heath’s revelation following his 5 days retreat at Bali Silent Retreat here.

Symbols of Bali

by Nadia Bintoro / Bali & Beyond

There are so much insights into the art of Balinese culture from the weekly session of Tea Circle at Bali Silent Retreat. Bali & Beyond’s magazine contributor investigates and shares her findings here.

The way to your inner silence by Sanne Van Gaalen / Yogi Times

The way to your inner silence

by Sanne Van Gaalen / Yogi Times

Yogi Times has ventured into beautiful sanctuary to experience the practice of silence and is loving it! “This is perfect place to cultivate the art of doing nothing. Or as the Italians say, ‘dolce far niente’. Rest, Sleep, Eat and Repeat”.

Silence is Golden at Bali Silent Retreat

by Nadia Bintoro / Jakarta Globe

At a time when life is more fast-paced than ever, where everything demands to be attended at once, it is refreshing at times to just switch off and go inward to listen to the one that needs attention the most

Seek in Silence

by Nadia Bintoro / Bali & Beyond

As human beings, can we ever stop talking? When our phone is glued to our hand and becomes the extension of our limbs, it’s hard to imagine a day without “communicating.”  Bali & Beyond contributor went into the remote Bali Silent Retreat to experience the art of silence.

8 Weekend Getaways for Digital Nomads in Bali by Villa Bali

Top 8 Weekend Gateways for Digital Nomads in Bali.

Practicing Yoga in Bali is like being a Kid in a Candy Store by Mark Chaves / Balipedia

A glowing verdict on Bali Silent Retreat.

Shhh…Ten days (or more in silence) by Alejandra Abad

Our friend Passenger 6A wrote on how the practice of silence is taking over tourism around the world. Glad that Bali Silent Retreat is being featured as one of the destinations.

Shhh! Why celebs are jetting off on silent retreats by Helena Kealey / The Telegraph

Read why celebrities such as Mia Farrow, Steve Jobs, Oprah and others choose to get as far away from modern life as possible by enrolling themselves on silent retreats.