Facilities Map


Reception, where we are now


Level 2: delicious food for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks & tea all day
Level 3: library, eating, relaxing
NOTE: no phone or computer allowed here. Best chat area near reception.


Private Bungalows


Deluxe Bungalows


Massage Room


Octagon with white tent for Yoga and Meditation


The jungle walk path is maintained by the garden crew so you can experience the jungle without much concern. Take a stick for spider webs. Walk with strong steps to let critters know you’re coming. Keep your eyes open and enjoy the wilds.


The Cry Bench is a private riverside space that you can retreat to whenever you need to release your emotions.


Medicine Garden contains a variety of locally found medicine herbs. Each plant has a sign with its name in English, Latin, Balinese and Indonesian and describes the plant and its uses.


Star Gazing Beds


Tea Room – fresh herbs (because these rooms are far from Lodge)


Single Rooms – upper and ground level.


The labyrinth for walking meditation: set your intention, walk slowly aware of your breath, be grateful, observe the results. Repeat daily.


Water Meditation from Temple Holy Water. (Sarongs available so you can cover your swim suit during meditation. Return to the drying rack for next visitor.)


Fire House with hammocks for relaxation and on Wednesday night is a fire circle.


Women’s Dormitory


Deluxe Single Rooms


History House & Chat Zone. Here you can talk freely when you need it.


Corner house and Sukawati house.




Vegetable Garden


A bamboo bridge with living fence crosses a ravine.

From the Lodge: Spectacular 360 degree view of rice fields and mountains.

Garden To Table organic live food is fresh daily with 3 vegetarian buffets and fresh baked treats, fruits, and fresh garden herbal teas to graze on all day.

We’re off the grid, with solar electricity, and green-to-the-extreme sustainable systems.

I came here to unplug and recharge/relax. I’ve done that and more. You’ve thoughtfully put together organic farming + a rich environment for self reflection + mindfulness all wrapped with a comfy bed, divine food containing uplifted spiritual energy. Loved it.

— Lee Ann, American, living in Bali

What to Do

Things to DO

Breathe, Meditate
Read, Pray, Yoga asanas
Connect with your Divine Source
Eat, slowly and often
Walk the rice terrace path
Walk the labyrinth meditation
Walk the gardens
Walk the jungle path
Walk to the hot springs
Sleep without air con (it’s cool at night)
Stare at the stars from our star beds
Write (paper and pen)

Things to NOT DO


What to Bring

  • Bring a few changes of clothes, suitable for yoga and meditation practice, pack for hot (days) and cool (nights) and rainy weather (anytime).
  • Warm jacket – it gets chilly when the sun sets.
  • Every bed has a down comforter. Temperatures range from 35°C (95°F) in the day and sometimes down to 20°C (68°F) at night. Rainy season is November to April, with occasional  intense rain and wind.
  • Rubber flip flop sandals (easy to kick-off and slip-on, when going in and out of buildings).
  • Pack a poncho or umbrella  for afternoon rain bursts.
  • Personal medication and toiletries* – Absolutely fine ! However we have a ‘Garbage In; Garbage Out’ policy for non-compost-able items. We’re committed to Green to the Extreme principles which limits garbage to be compostable or recyclable. Please do not leave your toothpaste tubes, or cosmetic tubes, or razors, or shampoos or other such items, as modern society has adapted to need. We have special garbage bags for your recyclables. Please take your non-recyclable garbage with you when you checkout.     *toiletries: we only provide natural soap for body and hair (no special hair products, toothbrushes, toothpaste etc.)
  • Please note that we are on solar power and there are no outlets in the rooms to plug in hair dryers etc. The Office Angels can recharge your phone or laptop for a small fee.
  • A flashlight and/or headlamp if you have one.
  • Do NOT bring food. We are in the middle of rice fields and the cute little mice think it’s party time when they smell food. They will chew right through your luggage.


Walking on ricefields

Visa and Passport Guidelines

Check the Indonesian Embassy web site for tourist Visa info. Different nationalities experience different entry requirements. But basically you can get a 30day ‘free-visa-on-arrival’ (the line takes about an hour to get through between 10-4pm) or ‘paid-visa-on-arrival’ (US$35).

Personal Items

Lock Boxes are available to safely store your money and valuables. Please note, our guest rooms are only lockable from the inside. The staff does Not enter your room unless you request such.

What to Expect

At Check In

Please organize your schedule to arrive before 4:00pm. (Check-in and orientation takes about and hour. The office closes at 5:30. See more about this on the Location and Transport page.

You will register with the Office Angels (who will require a copy of your passport) and pay any outstanding balances. We accept CASH (USD or IDR) or Credit Card. (NO DEBIT CARDS)

Currency exchange rates are checked daily and we give you a slightly better rate than money exchangers on the street.

Make sure your ATM and credit card banks know you will be traveling to Indonesia so you can use your cards without having them blocked.

You will receive:

  • A map and orientation brochure.
  • Your lock box key
  • Linens, kimono, sarong and your own personal set of dishes and cutlery. In typical ashram style, you make your own bed and wash your dishes during your stay.

Privacy is designed by you: no one will approach you to ask anything, no restaurant staff to ask your order, no cleaning staff unless you request such, and no one asking what you want to do today. 

At Check Out

  • The DAY BEFORE CHECKOUT – any additional miscellaneous charges (such as massages, treatments, laundry, gift shop, etc) will be totaled for payment (cash or credit card).
  • Your transport plans will be confirmed.
  • If you need to check out earlier than your full booking dates a one night fee (room only) will be deducted from your refund amount as we frequently turn guests away because we are sold out. Please be sincere about your booking dates.

Eating & Programs


Bali Silent Retreat’s vision is to support the personal spiritual journey of each person who finds themselves in residence. Silence allows for solitude and restful contemplation within a social environment. We are not vipassana, not a religious supported ashram, no guru, no dogma.

Times to talk

If you have a question please ask any of the staff at any time. If you wish to converse with other guests please do so in the Chat Zone (near reception) or head off site (hot springs, rice field walk, etc).

Quiet vs Silence

Silent does not always mean quiet! Frogs at night form a joyful chorus, ceremonies in the nearby villages involve music and chanting and during cremation season there are chainsaws cutting trees for the funeral pyres. We apologize in advance for these auditory invasions and give thanks for your patience.

Laundry & Room Cleaning

  • Linens:  At the beginning of each week, you can collect a new bag of ‘set-up’ items. However, if you should need a change at any time, let us know and we’ll be happy to replace whatever you need with a clean version.
  • Laundry for your personal items is available and takes 1-2 days, depending on wet or dry season.
  • Rooms are generally cleaned by each guest, so as not to have staff going in and out of their personal space (supplies provided). However, staff can clean your room anytime – just ask and a smiling Balinese will show up with brooms and brushes.
  • Dishes are washed at the lodge by each guest.

Critters, Insects, Mosquitos

Weather:  rainy season November-April, and sometimes intense rain & wind. Temperatures range from 35’C (95’F) in the day (hot&humid),  down to 20’C (68’F) at night (cool;all rooms have blanket).

Mosquitos: every bed has a mosquito net, although most of the time it’s not needed. Every guest receives a small bottle of natural citronella mosquito lotion. There is no malaria nor dengue fever here in the countryside.

Frogs, lizards, mice: occasionally hop/scurry outside. Snakes like to eat them, (no poisonous snakes here). No food in room=no mice=no snakes.


Connecting “TO THE WORLD”

This is a rare opportunity to unplug, disconnect, and have a digital detox. There is no Wi-Fi here and very limited signal in the area.

  • There is no direct wifi at the retreat. There are no computers for you to use. Phone signal is usually ok.
  • If you have an unlocked Smart phone, you can get an Indonesian SIM card as you walk out of the airport (just after all the guys holding up signs with names) Get data for wifi. This can be used for skype or as a hotspot for your laptop.
  • There is a quiet building with shade near reception (2 minute walk from the main lodge) which often has a good signal.
  • If more intense internet activity is needed, there is an internet cafe with a good connection from a fiber optic land line, in the nearby village. He also has coconut water to drink and popcorn.

Special Needs / Wheelchair Access

Apologies, our buildings and access are not wheelchair friendly nor advised for anyone who is walking impaired.  There are no ramps. There are many stairs. Walking in general, needs to be quite ‘mindful’, as most of the walk-ways are on elevated individual concrete/rock blocks or railroad ties.

As for healing from illness or special recovery, we don’t have medical staff on site to support such.