Stories from Seva Guest Interns

Some of Bali Silent Retreat Seva Guest Interns stories.

Bali Silent Retreat Lotte - Holland

Lotte from Holland

I first came here as a guest. And soon after my arrival I knew this place had something magical to offer. As a matter in fact, it was exactly what I needed and exactly what I hoped it would be like – a place where you can be in silence and find some structure of an ‘ashram life’, but still have the freedom to embrace what is good for you at each moment. I quickly realized that this was the kind of place I would like to spend a longer period of time. So when the idea came alive for me to start teaching yoga here, I didn’t  hesitate.

Although I felt excited with this idea and was longing to expand my teaching skills, I also didn’t feel completely ready to teach. I had learned a lot throughout my teacher training but carrying ‘a space’ and holding responsibility for a group weren’t aspects I had developed yet; ‘The gap’ between a teachers training and actually teaching, became clearly visible. Soon we came up with a construction to bridge this ‘gap’. A construction that allowed me to slowly grow into the ‘teaching business’. I got to practice during several classes with the current yoga teachers: first, receiving their feedback before I started teaching the guest. In this way I could slowly gain my confidence without having the pressure of having to jump ‘into full responsibility’ straight away. For me this was the perfect balance; it pushed me forward out of my comfort zone, contributed to my growth, and at the same time allowed me to feel safe and nurtured.

Quickly I came to realize that teaching yoga is something I love! And now, I feel really comfortable with teaching. It has opened up ways that I had never held possible in such a short amount of time. I’ll always feel really grateful for this opportunity. It has been one of the most empowering roads I’ve ever been on and I know this is still only the beginning of a wonderful new journey! For me this place was the last little ‘push in the back’ I needed to grow as a person and come forward as a yoga teacher. And I hope many others will discover the benefits this magical retreat space has to offer in a similar way!

Bali Silent Retreat Karen - Australia

Karen from Australia

I came to Bali Silent Retreat because wanted to teach yoga in Bali and to share my knowledge and practice of yoga and meditation. What I have received in return has completely surpassed any expectations! What an invaluable experience. Right from the start I was welcomed with warmth and support. I began to stretch emotionally and spiritually. The best aspect of being service to others, this month has been two-fold: 1- the reward of seeing people look and feel lighter 2 – unexpectedly taking some of my own steps to a new path of self discovery, realizing the enormous personal growth I have made in the past month

I have grown substantially as a teacher due to the nurturing environment and freedom to be creative with my classes. My confidence levels sky rocketed and I look forward to practicing and teaching with renewed passion and enthusiasm. The volunteer coordinator constantly gave support and loving kindness to all the volunteers. All the staff are incredibly joyful and the food is to be dreamt about and salivated over for a long time to come. I fee deep gratitude to all involved in this humbling and rewarding experience at Bali Silent Retreat. Thank You.

Bali Silent Retreat Jeremy - France

Jeremy from France

For the last five years, “my place” hasn’t stayed the same for more than five months. That’s why I called earth my home sweet home and myself, “citizen” of the world. I left my country, my place, in France, including its delicious cheeses, wines, baguettes and an easy life of being a volleyball player and personal trainer, to seek for something a bit more challenging, a complete life change.

After spending two years in Australia, working through a large spectrum of jobs, I found that although Australia is a delightful place to live, it didn’t quite feel right. So I ended where I began – in Asia; beginning and ending in Bali – the Island of Gods, called ‘surgaketawa’ (smile’s paradise) in Indonesian. I finally found a place to call home, at a magical place called “Bali Silent Retreat” up near the mountain, Batu Karu, with clean air clean water and clean food. Living ashram style, meditating daily, and teaching yoga, gave me the opportunity to step up into my life’s practice on many levels. This green eco-community also embraced a spiritual energy that provided me with a peaceful healing space, surrounded by incredible cosmopolitan people who have become and will remain my Bali-family forever.

This magical place, where everything is oriented to find self healing and purification, creates independent space for each person to build their personal connection with their higher self. THIS experience & time on my journey has taught me how ‘no matter where’s I’m staying, short or long term, the only place I need to be in tune with, is my heart’ .

Bali Silent Retreat Soojin TaiChi

Emma from Canada

It’s been an amazing  journey, full of learnings from all aspects. My heart has been softened and opened up to hold more. What worked well for me as a yoga teacher and volunteer was the team work. Not only with the volunteers but with everyone, it feels like family. I also experienced the freedom to create and co-create, as well as, being true to myself. The space in itself is amazingly supported energetically and the local immersions were authentic – experience the magic of Bali.

Bali Silent Retreat Lotus

Silvia from Italy

If teaching yoga is a full time, as it is for me, it is very interesting to be able to tach without having to think about promoting or scheduling or getting paid. It’s extremely awakening and healing.