Volunteer for Yoga & Meditation

Our Yoga & Meditation Teacher Volunteer Program offers service and growth for both the yoga teachers and the guests.

Bali Silent Retreat is a magical space as it stands. The clean environment, raw nature, spiritual energy, and eco-friendly (green to the extreme) facilities are transformative. The generic silence allows growth for both volunteers and guests, as they open and grow brighter during their stay. Within this environment is seva mentor-exchange program. The intention is to support the community, the retreat, and the volunteers.

Yoga Asana & Meditation teaching in exchange for food and accommodation

  • We are looking for yoga teachers with a minimum of two years of experience in teaching both Yoga Asana and Meditation.
  • We are especially interested in applicants who have a daily personal practice of Yoga Asana and Meditation with a schedule of:
    • 3 weeks teaching.
    • 1 week break, going off site to see other parts of Bali.
    • 3 weeks teaching.
  • However, sometimes we need to cover shorter periods, so just ask.
  • This is a volunteer exchange opportunity. Not a paid job.

You can apply by email.

After you’ve perused our web site and read our basic philosophy, if you’re still interested, send us an email with a brief paragraph about your yoga asana and meditation experience and we’ll send you an application.  seva@balisilentretreat.com

Please read the web site completely, visit our Facebook page, and if our philosophy resonates with you, and you are still interested, write to apply, or for more information at seva@balisilentretreat.com.

Volunteers come for one purpose and that is to serve and it’s inspiring to witness because it feels good for those giving and those who are receiving. With their housing off-site, the yoga teachers are able to share amongst themselves and talk without disturbing retreat guests in residence.

Bali Silent Retreat Karen - Australia

I came to Bali Silent Retreat to share my knowledge and what I received in return completely surpassed my expectations! Right from the start I was welcomed with warmth, was supported, and found myself stretched emotionally and spiritually. I have grown substantially as a yoga teacher due to the nurturing environment and freedom to be creative with my classes.

Karen, Australia

Bali Silent Retreat Lotte - Holland

I first came here as a guest. And soon after my arrival I knew this place had something magical to offer. As a matter in fact, it was exactly what I needed and exactly what I hoped it would be like – a place where you can be in silence and find some structure of an ‘ashram life’, but still have the freedom to embrace what is good for you at each moment.

Lotte, Holland

This teaching experience was so peaceful, healing and calming.
My shoulders are light, my heart open, my mind clear. Thank you.

Frauke, Germany.

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