Video from October 11, 2017 of Balinese priest and ceremony on the mountain.Spiritual leader Mangku Bon, popularly known as the “guardian of Mount Agung”, climbed the Mount Agung volcano in October to offer prayers. At the time, the mountain had witnessed over 700 tremors in just one day with the strongest tremor measured at 4.3 on the Richter scale. He said,  “ I am not sure the volcano will erupt anytime soon, but  will continue to spew some ash and smoke for the next nine months. It will not be a big explosion. It will continue to be a slow eruption.   The next explosion will be in 45 years (2062). The next explosion will be big like 1963,” Mangku added. “If it is a big explosion, I am praying that it is not huge and that it will not destroy the world. I am only a human being and I cannot stop the process because it is the cycle of the volcano.”  Bali-based Australian author Sharon Karyasa, according to

December 17, 2017 – currently, 2018     Mt. Agung is a bit sleepy from his little temper tantrum, but occasionally spits out a bit of ash  at the top and some cold lava flow.. This is good because it releases pressure and keeps vents open. On January 9, the evacuation radius was reduced to 6 km, so many villagers have returned to their homes. (The monkeys returned to the forest quite a while ago.)

Mt. Agung from Jasri Bay – East Bay

December 9-13, 2017
Mr Agung is letting off some steam and smoke, blowing a bit of ash to the east over the ocean. We are far to the west, of course.  No ash here at Bali Silent Retreat.  Mulberries, Ginger, and Staff are happy.

December 4, 2017
Mount Agung is still sputtering and spitting out a slow cold lava flow. No ash here at Bali Silent Retreat. Airport is open.

December 2, 2017
Mount Agung is belching some ash and spitting out a slow cold lava flow. Ubud reports a bit of ash. Airport has been closed a few days due to ash. We do not have any ash here at Bali Silent Retreat, as it just keeps raining and raining in the afternoons, as well as, we are far to the west of the volcano. But if the ash arrives here, we have protocols in place, with masks and daily cleaning processes.

To check airport status in the future:


Notes from Emerald Starr of Village Jasri, East Bali, near volcano:

Vulcanologists are baffled by Agung’s behavior. According to experts, Agung is not acting like other same-type volcanoes in Indonesia. The Balinese believe it’s because of all the prayers and deep connection they have with the Niskala (unseen) dimension.

The volcano is filled with powerful forces, just like our souls. We can direct them in healing or destructive ways, just like Mt Agung. Volcanic ash provides essential nutrients for life; small amounts are beneficial, large amounts are toxic for a period of time until it can be dispersed & assimilated. This is similar to human emotions.

Agung is a vent for some of the most powerful forces of nature. In our meditations we can draw upon this awesome energy to support our evolution and awakening consciousness. Imagine a funnel above your head pouring these universal forces into your third eye & heart.