Weekly Events – included in your Day Pass

Balinese Culture: Tea Circle and Rice Terrace Walk with Sang Tu, our liasion for Balinese culture and traditional medicines.
Future of Food: New Earth Cooking and Garden Tour.

Balinese Culture

Tea Circle: Thursday evenings Sang Tu invites you to participate in a discussion about Balinese Culture. Different topics are covered each week:

Temples – Purpose & function in daily life
Nyepi – Bali’s Day of silence
Balinese Weddings
Telu Bulan – Traditional baby ceremony

and much more..

Rice Terrace Walk: On Friday mornings Sang Tu offers a 2-3 hour walk through the spectacular local rice terraces. Explore the rural villages surrounding the retreat, interact with some of the friendly locals and learn about the traditional medicines and foods found growing along the way!

Future of Food

New Earth Cooking: Sunday evenings you are invited to join a mindful discussion (or just kick back and enjoy listening) with our Head Chef and culinary specialist into the origins of our food. Discover how we can empower ourselves through our food choices, learn about the challenges and opportunities we will face in the future and how you can incorporate our New Earth Cooking food philosophy into your everyday life.

Garden Tour: Monday mornings you can enjoy a guided meandering through our permaculture gardens. Connect with nature using all your senses as you explore the soil and local plant life that become the garden-to-table cuisine you enjoy each mealtime.