02 Mar 2017

Acai Berries – Eco Harvesting the ‘Old School’ Way by Sangtu

Acai Palm, ever so popular by juice bars and health drinks.

Originally from Brazil it’s acclaimed to be high in anti oxidants. Interestingly, the seed is huge compared to the fruit: about the size of a marble (10 millimetres in diameter – about .4 inch/ or just under 2cm). But the fruit is only 1 millimetre, very dark purple and not easy to come off. It also deteriorates quickly – within 24 hours. So once the big seed cluster is cut from the tree, pulling off the pulp needs to be a smooth and speedy process.

Our seeds originally came from a friend of a friend and were planted in 2012 here at Bali Silent Retreat. In a meditation sort of ceremony, we planted, with fingers crossed and hopes that the seed that had travelled so far, would germinate, be happy, and reproduce. And voila! In 2016 the first big harvest was celebrated. We harvest every 9 months.

The seeds are easy to propagate here in the tropics and respond well to most conditions. And we nurture the Acai, along with the other 150 fruit trees, with our green to the extreme methods

Our kitchen angels mix the juicy pulp with shaved coconut and palm syrup for yummy deserts. 

We’re not sure how modern day extraction of the skin and pulp that surrounds the seed takes place, but here’s a video of Sangtu, our Balinese Cultural Liaison, showing how we do it, the ‘old school way’, with a VERY big mortar and pestle.

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12 Jan 2017

Tree food vs plant food by Chef Simon

Eating well is a hot topic, hitting an obesity epidemic despite 3 decades of dietary trial and error (fat or low fat, eggs or no eggs, sugar or fake sweetener?) 


It seems we are left with this bit of wisdom: ‘Just Eat Real Food’ (JERF)

So what is real food? And can I even buy real food at a real supermarket?

To understand what we need is to understand what we want to change. The current system that fuels the bodies of nearly 7 billion humans runs mostly on crude oil, natural gas, and other finite resources. The fuel for the machinery, factories, fertilizers and refrigerated trucks that fill up those miracle aisles in our local one stop shop wonders. 

The system can be credited with feeding an explosive population growth, bumper crops and economic prosperity. But not ‘sustainability’. This system, in it’s unregulated form, is destroying our planet, as  it has an insurmountable appetite for forest clear cutting, ocean sweeping and fertilizer slurping and increasingly relies on resources that are limited. We cannot change this system by just buying real food. Nor can we escape a system so desperately relied upon to live.

Smn-Soursop-webSo what is the best thing we can do today?

  • Care and become aware.
  • Try to understand the origin of your food and start making better choices; more sustainable, less destructive choices.
  • At a level you can afford.

Spending extended time converging with Nature, I’ve a fascinating self sustaining aspect; fruit is one thing nature really wants us to eat. Since the dawn of primates,  trees have tempted us with sweet and aromatic edibles, in the hope that the consumer would spread their seeds. Hundreds of years of horticultural refining and human genius has offered us increasingly juicier and more attractive varieties.

Trees truly are the gift that keep on giving, unlike perennial vegetables. They don’t require soil tilling, heavy fertilizing and in a balanced setting have a positive impact on the environment.

Watch this video with a lofty proposal at the end.

Go to New Earth Cooking web site for more of Chef Simon’s perspectives











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15 Aug 2016

Retreat into Balance

stop-sign-webRetreat into Balance by Simon

‘I’m searching for balance’! In 2016 one may casually utter this statement along with ‘I’m searching for my keys’, ‘the quickest way to get rich’ or ‘the secret behind fluffy pancakes’. Independent of meditation or yoga or other modalities, balance has become a main-stream desire. Rightly so?

Through scientific observation humans have developed the unique ability to observe balance. We can monitor the acidity of the ocean, the pollution levels in our waterways, the stress levels of our employees or the temperature of our planet, and come to the conclusion, ‘we are out of balance’. This in itself is a unique episode in the evolution of the planet, in a sense that evolution, which by default is a quest for harmony, has become a conscious choice.

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14 Jul 2016

Changes by Sangtu

Sngt ButtterflyLife is changing so fast – almost as fast as our minds, eh?     Maybe not.  But if we compare everything to pre-technology era, it is all looks much faster, now. Such as The News; we can hear and see what’s happening in other parts of the world in just a few minutes.


  •  Do we ever wonder if changes are happening too fast sometime ???
  •  If we say no to change, will things stop changing ??? 

I have so many questions because my life is partly from the past (parents) and partly from every new generation.  

The danger with new technology is that it’s too fast; dangerously fast; such that everyone wants everything , now, right way, fast.  We don’t consider about right or wrong,  healthy or unhealthy, or impact for long term; but only if how fast it can be done.guest pic scenic

More Questions:


  • Have we are forgotten ourselves? 
  • Have we lost ourselves?  
  • Can we remember that as human beings, we have body, mind AND soul?
  • Or do we use our mind and body but forget our soul?
  • Should we remember to ask our soul how to make things to last for ‘long term’, so the next generations can see and feel what we see now?
  • If we retreat into ‘old school’ ways will we slow down enough to remember ourselves?

 If we forget our soul, then our body and mind are nothing.  We hear many excuses and responses to pollution as, “It’s just a small thing. It’s not the end the world.”

HYdro Creek Falls crop2More & More Questions:

  • So what happens when 7.5 billion people (that’s a lot of people) on this planet doing small polluting things ?
  • What action and reaction does that is mean for us right now AND the future????
  • Can we just pollute the water with small things of chemicals and garbage?
  • Can we just pollute the soil with small things of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides?
  • Can we just pollute the air with small things of toxic gases?
  • Can we continue to say it is not the end of the world; not important?

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24 May 2016

When Ego & Silence Meet- a meditation dance

Bali Silent Retreat - Ricefields with mountain rangeHere at Bali Silent Retreat, the silence allows us to observe our ego.  When ego and silence meet, a magical opportunity presents, in a sort of meditation dance with ego and truth. 

Parts of ourselves come into vision, that we may not had the opportunity of meeting before.

Similar to how our Apps operate in the background of our smart phones, so too do these parts of ourselves.

These ‘apps’  use energy subconsciously, attracting our very life experiences, manifesting physical opportunities into our world, offering an invitation to gradually meet this hidden part. 

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05 May 2016

what DO you want?

stop-sign-webWhat Do You Want . . .  REALLY want?

Oh traveler, seeker, and explorer of questions just beyond your world view.

The answers to your questions, to all our questions are closer and quicker than an e message and with a high speed connection, (no packet or subscription necessary). And we all yearn to hear the sound of the arrival in the Inbox, to awaken to The Sound, to be blinded by The Light.

Here comes Truth riding on a surfboard on a wave of a tsunami:

What do you think You want? What do YOU really want?

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06 Mar 2016

“Nyepi” means quiet and peaceful

  “Nyepi” means quiet and peacefulNaga[1] Bali’s new year celebration, usually in March or sometimes April – in silence. Nyepi is a word derived from the word Sepi that means quiet or peaceful. Balinese celebrate it on a dark moon “Tilem Kesanga,” annually in March or April. The rituals and celebrations span about a week and have a sequence:

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01 Mar 2016

3 of the 10 “C”s of Conscious Living


  1. Celebrate what’s right with your world. Let’s appreciate the abundance and opportunities that are available to us. It may seem odd to start with focusing on what’s right in order to create change, but this really is the key. Simply pointing out the wrongs of the world doesn’t inspire anyone to create radical improvements. If all of us make lists of what we love about our lives and the planet we share, it could create an unprecedented ripple of positivity, powerful enough to create lasting change.    Simplistic? Perhaps.

 But modern science is not far behind in proving the tremendous power of collective focus and intention.  As much as the ‘issues’ in the world can come across as daunting, it’s important to stay positive and solution minded.     For example:

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15 Feb 2016

Wayang = Shadow Puppets by Sang Tu our Balinese Cultural Liaison


Wayang-2-puppetsWayang or Shadow puppet performance is classic Drama Theater of the 8th century and is a significant aspect of cultural heritage from Indonesia, possibly from a man named Wayang Kulit born at that time in history, making the tradition popular in Java and Bali. There was little else for entertainment.    IMG-20160128-WA0012

The Wayang puppet is made from Leather and symbolizes the creator of art which includes the imagination of gods, monsters, plants, animals and the interactions between them all.

Examples of Shadow puppets topics for a performance ceremony might be :

  1. Purification for a temple after something has happened in temple that’s been disrespectful like somebody stealing, fighting or someone dies in the temple. This would be called Wayang Wali.
  2. Wayang Bebalai is just shadow puppets for entertainment and if during the day, without any backlit fabric, the name is Wayang Lemah.
  3. Wayang Balih-Balihan, is comedy and humor with jokes for what ever is currently trendy.

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08 Jan 2016

Life Changing

Dear Bali Silent Retreat,

I arrived here at Bali Silent Retreat in tears, and now 6 days later I depart with a smile on my face. This short time has been so very trans-formative, such that I found the tools I need to be satisfied in life; to be in the ‘here and now’; to let things just be; to be aware.
Lodge-level-3-Pat-MorrowTHANK YOU. I’d like to thank everyone and I mean EVERYONE here at Bali Silent.  I’ve encountered tremendous kindness and warm thoughtfulness from all of the staff and volunteer teachers.  I’m reminded of how even the smallest gesture and kindness can be so important.
I am also reminded of the importance of silence and how we don’t get much anymore and how much energy is used up from social pressures. I have found here at Bali Silent Retreat a shared comfortable silence between the guests in a communal space where silence is celebrated.  I enjoyed every moment !
 Dodi happy
For the very first time in my life I’m in a place where anxiety about food simply does not exist. dragon-fruit--seeds--herbsI’m told to eat as much as I want, to enjoy my food and love every bite and every taste. The meals are so incredible and so fresh. The knowledge that it has just come straight from the garden or a local source adds to the satisfaction.
Besides the meditation and yoga and fire ceremony just the joy of looking at the gardens and jungle and rice fields every day is so rich and abundant, it’s been a remedy for my heart, mind, body and soul.
Thank you to everyone.
Bella from the UK

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20 Dec 2015

Journaling and the written word


The power and simplicity of self-discovery that are available to you with the art of journaling are limitless. Journaling and the hand written word open a doorway to self-observation and discovery.

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14 Nov 2015

Eating Eggs is Now OK!

duck_indian-cropped-webEating Eggs is Now OK! passion-fruit-heart-article

Science has flipped its opinion and our bodies can healthily meet and greet the intake of rich food and nutritious food.

What constitutes healthy and respectful food when it comes to eggs?

  • No cages or confined spaces.
  • Grazing and foraging happily with their other bird pals.

When it comes to eggs, duck eggs would be gold medal winners in the Egg Olympics!

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05 Oct 2015

Meditation as an offering in Bali

canang-and-holy-water-poster-webMeditation as a Balinese Offering, called Canang by Sangtu, our Balinese cultural advisor

The Canang offering is seen every day, everywhere in Bali: This spiritual practice is how each individual Balinese person retreats into God, Spirit, Ancestors and Nature, if only for a few minutes. Canang (pronounced chanang) is the little orange box as well as the daily offering. Can= Beauty  and Nang= destiny and intention .  So Canang means the beauty of destiny. 

We call it Balinese-Hindu. 

To ‘do offerings’ is to meditate,  in all different types of places; car, kitchen, office, rooms,and even on the street.  


  • on the ground, to be grateful to Ibu Pertiwi (Mother Earth )
  • on our tools because we are grateful these tools can help us (car, knife, computer)
  • on each building, both shrine and house; always giving offerings for buildings because it’s important to maintain a harmonious energy within them.  . .  kind of like electric cables being properly connected. After the original ceremony for a building, the offering is like the maintenance program for connecting with the soul of the universe.

Why every where? Because our life is everywhere and god is everywhere.

Read more about the components and meaning of these meditation offerings in the full article on our Articles page:


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18 Sep 2015

The End of the Bufy Era

The end of the Water Buffalo era at Bali Silent Retreat

Bufy-portrait-cropped-webBufy’s new cow-palace is almost finished, complete with dining trough, sleeping space, exercize area, room for an additional Bovinian friend and even a mud spa. The floor is sloped for ease of collecting the most valuable composting materials (commonly called cow poop and pee by the gardeners.) The crew has collected old tin for the roof and cut down unused alang-alang to make it both aesthetically more viewable and also less noisy in a downpour.

The new cow palace is directly across from the Balinese Cultural Corner which will offer demonstrations of making offerings and writing history on the lontar, various tools etc. It’s an old traditional lumbung style with that interesting roof in the shape of a catenary arch; a cottage-sized structure, hauled from the mountains of west Bali.

STOP! stop-sign-web

Last week, Bufy has a personality flip, becomes rude, unfriendly, and a bit aggressive with way too much horn waving at humans. (Mind those horns!)

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03 Aug 2015

ProBiotics, AntiOxidants, Genetics

soup-webHEALTHY GUT, HEALTHY GUT. It’s all about a healthy gut, according to Simon’s New Earth Cooking philosophy (you can read more at his web site at Your general feeling of well being, feeling in a good mood, a strong immune system, adequate concentration levels, fresh  skin, ALL are influenced by a healthy gut!  

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10 Jul 2015

The Wisdom of ‘Kain Poleng’ (Black and White) by Sangtu, our Balinese cultural liaison for Bali Silent Retreat


The Wisdom of  ‘Kain Poleng’ (Black and White) by Sang Tu,  Balinese cultural liaison for Bali Silent white sangtu web

If you are either Indonesian or a westerner you may have a question; Why, in Bali, are there so many shrines or big trees, as well as, people with Black and White fabric.

This is simple message but so very deep. The name of this Balinese-Hindu tradition is ‘kain poleng’; Fabric Black and White . In life, there is always Positive and Negative; same as Black and White. And we can not separate one from the other. But we can transform these energies to be in living harmony, for both the macro-cosmos of the universe and the micro-cosmos of the human.

As we see in the macro-cosmos, Night or Dark, during which we need a light or star or the moon to see the things. Also macro-cosmos of Day or Light, during which we need shade when the sun gives us too much strong light.

As humans in the micro-cosmos, we have same duality ‘tools’, which are Left and Right, In and Out , Anger and Love, having different functions at different times and for different situations; each tool connecting or support each other.

This is Balinese wisdom and the Kain Poleng (Black and White cloth) is our reminder.


Sangtu usually offers a sharing of an interesting aspect of Balinese culture on Wednesday or Thursday night – depending on his family and ceremony schedule . . . welcome to Bali. Bali Silent Retreat for Prayer and Meditation is also a loving hub for honoring Bali’s old style traditions and history.



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01 Jul 2015

The Truth?

Waterfall-of-Truth The Truth

We are forever seeking the truth on our never ending quest, reaching within and seeking without.

What is the truth? We ask this at different times and levels of our passage through life.

Is it a static offering of information that remains forever the same, always reliable and able to be called upon to offer us comfort and knowing?
Or is the truthCreek-of-Truth simply more than we know at anyone point in time? The next ‘aha’ moment.
Is the truth of who we are simply the next level of understanding? Ever evolving; held only until the next question surfaces or the next standpoint in time asks for a greater level of awakening to occur?

The truth and its journey of experience is unique to us all. Unique as we know it , as we feel it or as we once remembered it.

One thing is certain – when we receive a sample, a glimpse or an awe inspiring download of our own personal truth, there is no mistaking it – pure life force flowing through any one of us. This level of truth remains; no going back. Once settled into our cellular memory, the next leg of the journey begins… forever seeking, questioning, asking, and discovering ‘Truth’.

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06 Jun 2015

Dragonflies, Fireflies, and Lightning – does it count as a meditation experience?


dragon-flysky2 Mungbeans-with-grated-beetroot,-ginger,-mint-and-shaved-almonds. . . written by Sarah from Germany who lovingly wrote extensively about her 1 week experience in April 2015:



These 7days have been intense and important and a piece of this place will stay with me forever. I feel love and peace everywhere here. This is way beyond yoga and meditation.

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05 May 2015

Bananas Rock!!! by Chef Simon

banana-yellow-small-sweet croppedWhenever I bump into a banana I find my protective mechanisms kick in. Yes, Mr. Banana is the cute, comical and helpless little brother I never had.

“If other chefs make fun of you again”, I whisper into their yellow ears, “I will kick their snobbish asparagus blanching butts”.

Bananas deserve more respect! Time for cartoonists to get their characters to trip over something else but a banana peel; that joke’s getting old. I’ve been fighting for banana rights ever since I was a 9 year old boy. In those days I used them in robberies, usually with my grandma and her cookie jar as a victim, although I never quiet managed to intimidate her with my banana gun.
red pisang bananaDid I mention bananas rock?

Botanists have classified them as berries and the plant they grow on is considered a herb. If that doesn’t make sense to you, how about this? All banana plants are radioactive! They contain considerable amounts of potassium-40, which is a radioactive isotope of potassium. Nothing to worry about but admit it does give them more ‘street credit’.



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16 Mar 2015

Speeding Ticket of the Senses?


stars-stockSpeeding Ticket of the Senses?

10 years ago, Balinese would ask anyone walking by, “Kemana?” (“Where are you going?”). People walked (Really? Yes, they walked or too a ride in a ‘bemo’, a local van.) from village to village; no phones; just intuition as to when to show up. So, if someone was walking by it might very well be they had been walking for a long time and needed rest or water or a bite of food. And they would be welcomed into the family compound for a little sharing and gnosh.

What happened?

What happened over the past 10 years is that we all picked up speed, on every continent.

We’re now hurtling at an unprecedented speed of instant messages, voices, photos, and videos.

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02 Feb 2015


The New Earth Tool Kit      The earth is changing rapidly and we all need a new tool kit and manual to smile through life or at least to keep life from wrestling us to the ground.

PrayerMudra--hands-super-croppedThis toolkit is designed to assist all, but with a pull to the masculine. By no means does this mean that it is to be used by men only, it simply means that it supports the masculine force in all of us to achieve more balance in whatever we’re pursuing. If you are reading this and this makes absolutely no sense to you, but you’re willing to give it a go because it might make your richer and therefore happier, quicker?


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11 Dec 2014

Attention to detail is worthy of a five-star resort – even in the dormitory

Every so often a special guest makes special comments. Sally May Mills  is one of those special guests. Her words are shared below. Thanks, Sally

A heart-felt TerimaKasi to everyone at the Retreat for the gift you have given Bali, and the world – a haven of gentle silence, comfort and community. I’d like to share my experience and assessment of Bali Silent Retreat: The attention to detail is worthy of a five-star resort – even in the dormitory.

 Jes Em origIMG-20141011-WA0030

kumis-kucing-w-signdorm-girls-insideMeditation Octagon

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22 Nov 2014

Foods that Save the Forest.


 Jack-fruit-bigFoods that save the forest

by Simon, chef at Bali Silent Retreat; founder-Bumi Baru cooking

When European explorers first stepped foot in the tropical rain forests of South America and Asia they were quick to judge what they observed. A bunch of primitive people, no machinery, poor soil and no crops in sight. ‘We’ve got to show these poor hungry people how it’s done back home’. A few decades later, most of the world’s precious rain forest has been destroyed and the people who appeared to be hungry back then are actually hungrier today. Where did we go wrong?

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16 Nov 2014

Bufy squeaks and dances


Bufy, our water buffalo; she’s an eccentric character, a theatrical personality, an affectionate joyful HUGE beast! (Mind the horns!) We adore her and so do the guests. But she’s not like a cow or a cat or dog, for that matter.

Since just a teenager now, she’s still learning how to pull the plow and finds it a bit boring, tends to just stop and lie down in the watery mud until we all throw water on her, give her cooing-wooing sounds and bribe her with some grass. Her trainer sites her as being spoiled and lazy. Oh, my!


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14 Nov 2014

Planting a new Banyan tree at Odalan


Gamelan, the brass vibrational music which seems to be deposited into the very marrow of the bones of the Balinese people.





One of the most regularly observed ceremonies in Bali is ‘Odalan’. Generally speaking, Odalan is a festival/ceremony to observe a temple’s anniversary or birthday, every 210 days on the Balinese Saka calendar, but it’s intent is to honor the birthing and arising from God Essence. It is spiritual, social, and part of the Balinese-Hindu tradition.  With  around 4,500 temples around the island, Odalan rituals happen every day. 

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17 Oct 2014

Flowers and Jungle Cuisine by Asire


tofu sate AsirwebFlowers and Jungle Cuisine at Bali Silent Retreat

Flowers, veggies and mystery plants from the garden and jungle for Chef Asire’s Indonesian cuisine. . .  a blend of medicine and delectable flavors.

A visit to the Turi  tree is almost as good as going to the market.

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25 Aug 2014

Quack Quack Duck Duck

ducks-after-harvestDucks are funny! Fun to watch. Fun to listen to.  Wiggling. Quacking. Running to the left. Running to the right. Arguing. Chatting.  Like many animals they embrace a type of meditation in their daily routine; there’s a rhythm about the way they follow their duck leader, letting go of duck decisions and just following. Perhaps a yoga posture can be appointed called Downward Duck, similar to how the duck dips its head into the water, between it’s legs to catch a fish or a weed.  It’s said (by duck herders) that the gender difference is easily distinguished by their quack; the females are louder.  duck_indian-cropped-web


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13 Aug 2014

New Earth Cooking and food philosophies by Chef Simon


Mung beans with grated beet root, ginger, mint, and shaved almonds


Balinese kids collecting fern tips for our salads

  • Why do you eat the things you eat?
  • Is it just because it’s tastes so good?
  • Because everyone else eats it?
  • Perhaps you’ve been told this food is going to keep you healthy and strong?
  • But what does that mean exactly?

Here are some things to ponder. Please consider these 5 simple aspects and take a few minutes to contemplate each one and how they apply to your life situation.

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29 Jul 2014

Bufy the Water Buffalo




Let me introduce you to Bufy, the water buffalo – our water buffalo at Bali Silent Retreat. The new addition to our family. She’s a teenager and still a virgin. She’s smiling. . . very friendly with people and is very eager for visitors, but she has horns, so it can be a bit risky getting friendly with her.






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23 Jul 2014

Meditation in all shapes, sizes and synchronicities

Labyrinth walking-meditation 2Meditation in all shapes, sizes and synchronicities: Walking the Labyrinth- the ancient tradition of the labyrinth catharsis – one way in and one way out .

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24 Jun 2014

Pure Joy and Magic

The energy and spirit of this place is PURE JOY AND MAGIC! -the beautiful Balinese staff and the volunteers, who all work to keep everything positive and enjoyable.


I will remember everything here – always. This is where I finally woke up to rediscover myself; to be aware of and present with my feelings and my life. The teachers and the energy here has guided and encouraged me to be present and accept myself and give myself permission.

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11 Jun 2014

WANTED: Heart with nice backyard and ocean views by Jeremy Canaut

For the last five years, “my place” hasn’t stayed the same for more than five months.

That’s why I called earth my home sweet home and myself,“citizen” of the world.

I left my country, my place, in France, including its delicious cheeses, wines, baguettes and an easy life of being a volleyball player and personal trainer, to seek for something a bit more challenging, a complete life change. After spending two years in Australia, working through a large spectrum of jobs, I found that although Australia is definitely a delightful place to live, it didn’t quite feel right.


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26 May 2014

Your personalized Yoga and Meditation Retreat

Design Your Own Retreat -yoga, meditation, the ‘art of nothing’
– comments and photos by grateful guests

Bali Silent Retreat is a Meditation and Yoga Retreat Community in Bali that has no start or finish date, where each day you can join the full program, make your own program, or simply rest and do nothing.


Samantha from the UK recently checked out of Bali Silent Retreat and wrote this on her evaluation:

I spent 8 nights at this magical, nurturing, beautiful retreat. Days filled with the most amazing vegetarian food I’ve ever tasted, yoga, meditation, reading, writing, exploring the local village and the rice fields. Nights spent sitting under the moonlight looking up at the brightest stars, listening to the chatter of the animals, whilst watching the fire flies dance. There is no pressure to do anything. You do here as you please. If you want to sleep, eat, do nothing or even talk, you can. I’d go back there in a heartbeat.” Sam

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17 Mar 2014

Hello Yoga: Styles & Traditions for who, what, when, where?

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 7.33.32 PM

By our yoga practitioners and mentors

Yoga styles and traditions hold ancient philosophies and energies. Different strokes for different folks, now that yoga is practiced and embraced around the world.

What’s your flavor of choice?

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24 Feb 2014

Bali as a child farmer by Sangtu

I remember Bali as a child farmer and I smile.

Preparing to plant rice, with the Balinese Buffalo that touches so many,as a catalyst, to a deep spiritual experience.I saw this farmer last week-it pulled my memory back to the Bali of my youth, 30 years ago in the 70s & 80s where we would all see farmers everywhere in the countryside tilling the land after harvest with their helper, the precious cow or buffalo. I remember following my dad and our cow as a boy, collecting abundant eels and snails.

Leading and riding the cow when ‘Melasah’ (cultivation) was lots of fun even though my butt would be sore at the end of the day. We would buy a baby cow and when it was one and a half years old, my uncle or father would teach the cow how to help cultivate the soil. In that time, the cost was almost free because farmers and families would partner and share and every one would help feed the cows, who helped cultivate. We would bring ‘nasi bunkus’ (rice meal ‘take-away’) to the farmer with cooked eels and snails we caught while he tilled the soil. Each farmer in that time was very important.

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04 Feb 2014

Vulnerability and a willingness to feel

January’s classes with various teachers at Bali Silent Retreat revolved around the vibration of vulnerability and the amazing softness and power it offers all of us. Teachers, guests and volunteers were submersed and awakened to vulnerability and the strength it offers.
In vulnerability there is a delightful willingness to feel, as well as experience emotions and thoughts, to allow Essential Self to be heard, allowing Truth to mellow and melt its way into our cellular memory.

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28 Jan 2014

Cookies for health

cookieCookies for health – are you serious?

What’s worse for your health? Eating a sweet, sugary cookie, or having guilty thoughts whilst eating a sweet, sugary cookie?

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20 Jan 2014

Living Food makes a difference: Garden-to-Table cuisine

posty note

Here’s a posty note left by a guest and our perspective on why Garden-to-Table is cuisine is tops!  

Feedback like this supports my philosophy that great food doesn’t need animal products!! There is so much delicious produce to cook with in Bali that using meat is just not needed at Bali Silent Retreat. We would love for you to come and taste our food. We keep our future guests in mind when we are planting our seeds in our organic-chemical-free garden today. 

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14 Jan 2014

Yoga as Meditation or Meditation as Yoga?

MEDITATION : This ancient method of physical to spiritual movement is now a globally popular technique for everyone, everywhere, all the time.meditating-girl

Thanks to the internet, pretty much anyone on the planet – teachers, practitioners, and seekers can easily obtain understanding and develop a yoga and meditation practice which tends to the health and wholeness of our spiritual self. We no longer need to travel by ship for months and archive ancient understandings with decades of research. It’s all easily available and perhaps we are living in the true age of enlightenment due to the ease with which spiritual awareness can be accessed.

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14 Jan 2014

Intention of Intention – In and Out of Retreat



All of us at Bali Silent Retreat – guests, volunteers and staff – have been working with the power of intention over the last few weeks; setting intention leading up to the New Year for a direction and focus for the next 12 months.

Every yoga or meditation class opens with an intention allowing the group to align to that focus, lifting the vibration, and supporting each member of the group to deepen their personal experience within the safety of the group field.

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11 Dec 2013

Meditation muda mudahan (Balinese for ‘hopefully’) – thanks to Harvard.


Harvard Medical is studying the benefits of meditation? Get on board, Harvard!!! Yippeee!!! Meditation has so-called mind-body techniques that can switch on and off links to stress and immune function, including metabolism, insulin secretion, and inflammatory pathways.

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05 Dec 2013

Change And Renewal

NowMaking change takes action and action is required to start the ball rolling and to follow through with it. Any type of change that is somewhere in the future is simply a passing thought until there is action. Take charge, change happens now. At Bali Silent Retreat we can assist with your process of change.

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27 Nov 2013

Meditate in nature at Bali Silent Retreat


We have 4 hectare of gardens and jungle here at Bali Silent Retreat surround the property, attracting butterflies, caterpillars, and crickets, bees, frogs, etc etc etc.  Many guests take meditating walks just to watch the smaller but larger world of nature which  escapes us in the city. 

studies-in-nature-at- Bali Silent Retreat

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26 Nov 2013

Yoga Yoga Yoga – what it means

Yoga, Yoga, Yoga, what it means, where and when.

I keep learning how different words inspire different understandings between individuals and cultures.

For example:eye-shutterstock_125757368

Yoga in the west implies the ‘asana’ aspect of the tradition; various physical positions and postures of stretching and body movement. Yoga in Bali (to the Balinese) I’ve observed, means much much more.

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12 Nov 2013


Water: Our bodies are born with 80% and die with 50%.

We can’t live without it for more than 3-5 days, depending on how hot it is.


How much, when, and what type are extremely important when we drink it. Drinking about 8 cups/day is the commonly accepted.

And it needs to be clean.  The drinking water choices at Bali Silent Retreat are:

1. Reverse Osmosis
2. Solar distilled + remineralized
3. Holy Water from Batu Karu temple, high on the mountain that’s been filtered

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02 Nov 2013

Banana Leaf cups at yoga room- disposable, sustainable, greeeeeeeen!


banana-leaf-cup-onlyAt Bali Silent Retreat we care very much about these issues of health, wholeness, environment, aesthetics  (ugly plastic bottles), and also, is it really necessary? –Come on!!

We meditate and thoughtfully (as in ‘full of thought’) consider solutions in order to walk the talk. So we brainstormed over drinking fountains for the longest time, but alas, we have limited electricity (We’re Off the Grid – really off the grid – only 15KW of juice come in each day from our main solar panel source).

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20 Oct 2013

Volunteers chill out

Our Seva volunteers ( Seva means service . .  . we’re all in service) volunteer 30 hours a week,  making various contributions such as teaching yoga, leading meditation classes, doing research, washing dishes, working in the gardens and adding to the spirit of the retreat.


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13 Oct 2013

Sustainable Bamboo Time

bamboo-4-dodiThey’re starting to build with Bamboo again. Edy has built a fence and the crew is discussing making a new roof for the ‘gudang tanki’  from bamboo(storage building for water water tanks) . Click this photo and you’ll see a step by step video of our process, building a small bamboo shack built to keep the bibbitts (vegie babies) at Bali Silent Retreat. Our bamboo has not been treated, but just cut fresh from our jungle (with hacking knife, called a gergaji).


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20 Sep 2013

Wed&Thurs Indonesian magical fare by Asir – AGAIN!

On Wednesdays and Thursdays our amazing Indonesian Chef, Asire allows our pallets to dance with indigenous spices and taste combinations. Today’s abundant fare tempted us with:

pecel-Asir-web tofu sate Asirweb

  • vegie fritters with hot spicy chili soy sauce
  • couscous salad pecel, (a crispy pocket holding unique fresh veg bits + krispy tempeh)
  • tofu sate on bean skewers
  • jack-fruit curry
  • corn-rice & broccoli soup
  • dodor gulung ( Indonesian style  pancake with grated palm sugar inside)
  • bread food: fresh banana cacao and fresh banana-palm sugar jam, by Yudi, the bread boy

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18 Sep 2013


Call us lazy, but sometimes we like to see the customers do it themselves. Mind you, creating your own lunch and dinner can be lots of fun!
Take our  Caesar salad. A healthy, delicious twist on the comforting classic.
  • We present to you a small vase of freshly picked organic romaine lettuce.
  • A jar of oven roasted garlic sourdough croutons.
  • Then there’s bacon bits. Well, sort of. Our bacon comes from coconut meat.  I marinate it in a secret potion, and smoke the coconut chips over green tea. I use a bit of magic at times. The result is smoky, sweet, salty goodness suitable for the most discerning veg foodies! Toss all these together in a bowl and drizzle lashings of creamy dressing over the top, enriched with coconut yoghurt and slow roasted garlic.
On a cozy, rainy afternoon like today we invite you to create your own Vietnamese style pho. Grab a bowl and pick from a range of 15 different herbs, vegetables and protein like:
  • tofu
  • tempeh
  • egg
  • steaming hot, rich mushroom broth – pour over the top
  • chilli and lime to your liking
Chef Simon Jongenotter, Bali Silent Retreat

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16 Sep 2013

Take a Twist


Four Continents, Four Heart Beats, One Intention

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12 Sep 2013

A Few Recent Comments

Most of the comments on the evaluation form are equally as complimentary as these  and I am so very very grateful Bali Silent Retreat is feeding the needs of the guests who visit. Patricia, Founder

“Easily 3 of the most tranquil and serene days of my life!! I’ll be back! ”   Elizabeth,  No California

The MOST AMAZING garlic onion hummus I’ve ever tasted AND slathered upon some of the most yummy and hearty rustic sourdough bread, warm from the oven.      Day Guest, Jaclin,  Australia and Bali

I found a stillness inside me on my final morning . . . thank you. I was afraid I’d never find it again.   Jen, Australia

My favorite part?  How can there be a favorite; everything was so amazing; from
showering every morning at the dormitory, as I looked out over the shower wall to the sunrise and the jungle to the best vegetarian food I’ve ever hadOverall, it was one of the best things I have ever done in my life!    
Kirsteen, U.K.
view-boy-dorm-shower  View From the Shower


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09 Sep 2013

Jen, our Yoga Teacher in Residence

Jen-yoga1 JenYOGA2 JEN-yoga3

Although yoga teachers frequent our Seva Program,  Jen is our permanent Yoga Teacher on Staff.  She is amazing!   Go Jen!

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08 Sep 2013

Silly Chef Simon

Silly Simon, Simon2 Simon 1 simon3 foraging  the gardens for this afternoon’s smoothies: Banana- yes! Sambung Sutra- for reducing choestrol-yes! Dill- maybe save it making pickles tomorrow?

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02 Sep 2013


Buster Buster just arrived to bless us with his good nature and friendly wag. He might greet you with hopes for an ear scratch.

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29 Aug 2013

Making a wish in the labyrinth

An Italian guest makes her wish as she meanders the Labyrinth Meditation Walk.labrynth Francesca

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11 Aug 2013

Pradnya-and-2-boys-yoga Yoga with 3 Balinese: how blessed we are to be guests on their island,  with the performance of  their culture and abundance of their generosity.

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10 Aug 2013

All-Day-Grazing Table

All-Day-Grazing Table. . . yummy and healthy. A typical sampling:

  • Garden  Couscous w grated cauliflower  and beetroot with apple, raisins, and mint.
  • Chinese cabbage w herb garden dressing.
  • Vegie garden crudités w pesto dip
  • Herb roasted croutons
  • Garden veggie Kiamichi
  • Garden Smoothie: aloe vera,  banana, coconut,  turmeric, lemon balm and apple
  • Fresh breads and sticks baked today with herb butter and fresh jams.
  • 10Am bread from the oven featured today-Walnut Bread






4:30pm  Buffet  along with fresh breads and spreads, fresh from the garden salad and herb infused dressings,  plus apple crumble desert.:

Balinese Basa Gede Bubur (sample plate at the bottom):  – a combination  of Bubur rice porridge and Balinese flavors, giving a lemon essence with a comfort-food texture and adding condiments  and sauces per each guest’s palate preference:

  • Flavors:  Galangal, Ginger, Tumeric, Shallots, Garlic, Candle nut, Lemon Grass and lime leaf
  • Condiments:  Crispy onion, sautéed tofu with potato and herbs, bean sprouts, sautéed veggies with natural veggie flavor, hard-boiled egg
  • Sauces: Soy, Sweet Soy, Peanut Sauce, Sambal






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23 Jul 2013

It looks like we’re open!

  • People are finding us and booking reservations to check it out for 1 night or like Angela who booked for 20 days to finish her thesis.
  • Everyone seems to love it, love the food, love the silence, and are ever so patient as we work out the details of operation processes.
  • I’ve noticed the calm reverence all the guests have for their silence.
  • What seems to be shouting loud and clear is the respect and appreciation for their individual space . . . no one is going to be asking them, “Hi! Where are you from?”

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