Guest Comments

Winning quotes from February 2017: 

 “PERFECTION!! I have never felt so zen in my life, and the vibe encourages only self-care & love. The food is AMAZING!!” Jasmin from Australia

“I literary felt like I was in heaven that included spectacular Nature, Amazing food, warm loving staff.” Mohamed from Sudan

“So very calm and warm and  friendly. Great time with no social media- I needed it. Need I even mention the best food everJ. Most important is to see people care about our planet. Gives us hope – how you make it look so easy.” Kadja from Germany

 “Incredibly profund, healing and introspection. Found the place I was after. Developed meditation habits and learned about New Earth food.” Unknown from France

 “Wow! to have the freedom to be silenct, live in the middle of a stunningly beautiful nowhere, and be myself absolutely.”      Tatiana from Russia

 “Great to have so many places to walk and explore. I’m a big fan of labyrinth, so I was thrilled to walk this each day.”      Jusnita from USA

“This peaceful energy was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before.” Sara from USA

 Best Quotes from the past:

” Love the mindfulness around EVERYTHING – from the personal notes, to amazing food to facilities. Got to rest and re-energize my soul.” Michela from Switzerland

“Amazing. Best food I’ve ever tasted. Such beautiful nature sounds. Fantastic grounds to walk around in! Yoga and meditation classes were awesome!!” Liam from England

“The attention to detail is worthy of a five-star resort.” Sally Mae Mills from Australia 

“The food – Oh THE FOOD ! It’s probably the best food I’ve ever had. I LOVE IT HERE!!!!!” Annette from Germany

“Simply heaven. Bali is such a magical island, however BSR gives a whole new dimension. This is my favorite place to be-just to be myself & connect with the universe.” Marilyn from Australia

Everybody had smiles for me and a joyful word. The staff are as wonderful and magical as the place. Thank God there are places like this – gives hope that humanity has a chance to heal itself and the world.” Philipp from Germany

“Bali Silent Retreat is the most special place I have visited during this lifetime on earth.” Marilyn from Australia

“I’ve never seen such AMAZING PROGRAMS – and included in the price: The ‘Future of Food’ lecture was an awakening perspective and the food itself was beyond compare. Balinese Culture talk and hike with the Balinese co-founder was so much fun and something other visitors to the island don’t get. The Agnihotra Fire Ceremony released so much stuff that I didn’t even know was stuck in my heart.” Ali from England

“I planned to stay 1 week and changed my flight to stay 2 weeks. This was INCREDIBLE! There is a simple elegance of authenticity. No pretentiousness. No facades. But stunningly beautiful, as my breath was taken away again and again.” Cobrina from USA

“Community empowerment and respect, healthy food, lovingly prepared, stewardship of the land… wow, and thanks! I really, really, really love what you are doing here for the local community, the environment!!!! I loved my room overlooking the jungle. Those moon-rises! My God!” Jamie from the USA


“This memory will last a life time. I gained the ability to take a moment with myself, separate from my habits and daily routines and really think or not think or worry about anything. I appreciated how all the food is local, making it so much more real, knowing the story behind it and then actually paying attention to what I was eating. And the fire ceremony . . . I’m taking the experience with me to remember for a long time. ” Valerie from the Netherlands

“Everything just breathes love and comfort. I felt my heart open up. I’ve never experienced a feeling of so much peace and acceptance from only a simple look and a smile. And the inspiring little library – I could easily fill a week or two or three here, just reading… well, also eating! The food, the amazing food that made me aware of, and rethink the choices that I make when it comes to food and products in daily life.” Ilse from The Netherlands

“I learned things about myself I did not expect to learn. The philosophy behind the food, the silence, the library, the sustainability and environmental commitments and everything makes this place different from any other place on earth”. Sinikka from Sweden

 “The authenticity of this place is unprecedented – this is The Real Deal! The genuine love + energy that BSR has been built with – it, seeps through every aspect – the welcome, the rooms, the gardens, the FOOD!!!, the smiles throughout the day from staff – Everyone that works here cares- really cares. This wasn’t built to be a big $$$ maker, but to build awareness about how to live in body, mind and soul.” Tawna from Canada

 “This is perfect for a solo traveller; the ability to be alone without being lonely; being cared for and nurtured with the most incredible staff and food, organic gardens & off the grid set up, and everything is kept spotlessly clean. I have stayed in many, many places around the world and you have created perfection here.” Leila from Scotland

 “This is an authentic place where everything is made with love.  This is a unique experience and not “just a place to stay”. Every interaction was a blessing, including the huge smiles from all the staff. You all have something magic in your hands and hearts. Being able to immerse myself in Balinese Culture thanks to the various talks and walks and the rural location allowed me to learn much more than a touristy place. My visit here was a true gift.” Elodie from France

“Quite possibly the best food I’ve  ever eaten –  beyond words.” Unknown from Germany


 “Excellent Service and beautifully designed. It really shows how the founding team put a brilliant and sensitive energy into bringing this concept to life.     Michelle from Hong Kong

 “Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful interlaced with love. I like your clear focus/strict on eco village and sustainable resources.”     Corinne from Switzerland

 “Being in silence at an “Ashram” without any strict/serious Ashram feeling was an optimum experience.”      Unknown from Austria

“ The best start to a New Year ever. I arrived in Indonesia 4.5 years ago and  wish I’d found you sooner. I’ve got you pinned now!!! ”      Alycia from UK

“The ‘Art of Nothing’ has been a great time for reflection.”      Alexander from France

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